The Auto-Assault 12, shortened to AA-12 is a selective fire 12 gauge shotgun. It is well known because it is one of the only few shotguns which can fire fully automatically and it has the largest magazine size of any shotgun. Another feature that makes this gun well known is the greatly reduced recoil. A special spring mechanism reduces the recoil by 90%. In the zombie apocalypse, if the AA-12 is used well, it is definitely the best shotgun for the zombie apocalypse.


  • Selective fire (semi auto and fully auto)
  • Greatly reduced recoil
  • Can use high capacity drum-magazines (20-32 rounds)
  • Very powerful at close ranges
  • Ammo for this gun is common (12 gauge)
  • Can fire explosive frag-12 shells


  • When on fully automatic mode, runs out of ammo in seconds
  • Has limited range like other shotguns, unless using slug rounds
  • Hard to find
  • Mags are not compatible with other guns
  • Drum-Magazines are heavy and less reliable

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