The AK-74 (Автомат Калашникова образца 1974 года or "automatic rifle Kalashnikov model of 1974") is the primary assault rifle of the Russian Armed forces, as well as several Ex-Soviet and Russian client states. It is a modernization of the AKM, with synthetic materials incorporated into the design as well as modifications to increase its accuracy.

The BasicsEdit

The AK-74 was developed to create a more accurate and lighter alternative to the AKM rifle, while still keeping a weapon that Russian troops were familiar with. The AK-74 has several minor and major changes 

AK-74, 5.45x39mm

from the standard AKM rifle. Among the most noticeable is the multifunction muzzle device (acting as a recoil compensator, muzzle break and flash suppressor) which is quickly detachable and a more modernized stock, upper and lower handguards manufactured at first from laminated wood, later changed to synthetic plum and black polymer. These modifications make the rifle both lighter than the AK-47 and more accurate. Another major modification from the AK-47 is a different ammunition type, the 5.45x39mm. This cartridge is similar to other small-caliber rifle cartridges such as the 5.56x45mm and the 5.8x42mm. This round, while it has less stopping power and armor-piercing capability (depending on bullet type), is easier to control on full-auto, has a flatter trajectory and is overall more lethal. The rifle has several different variants. The AKS-74 is a version with a folding stock used by paratroopers, the AKS-74U which features a folding stock and shortened barrel, designed for use by Special Forces, pilots and rear-echelon troops and is roughly comparable to the M4 series of carbines in the U.S Military, and the AK-74M which is a modernized version of the standard AK-74, featuring among other improvements a folding stock as standard and a black polymer stock and handguard. Several other weapons are based on the AK-74, such as the BIZON Submachine Gun and OTs-14 Groza. Attachments for the rifle include a under-barrel grenade launcher (GP-25 or GP-30), suppressor, and various types of short and long-range scopes. Among the nations that use the weapon are the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, Afghanistan and Cuba.

In a Zombie OutbreakEdit

If a Zombie Outbreak were ever to occur in the Russian Federation, there is little doubt that the Russian Government would respond with considerable force. Among the tanks and artillery will be the Russian Soldier and his ubiquitous AK-74. However, outside the Russian Federation, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, the AK-74 and its ammunition is somewhat rare. Afghanistan's military only uses AK-74's left over from the Soviet-Afghan war and are largely outnumbered by AKM/Type-56 AK variants, for example. In terms of performance against zombies, the AK-74 is a better alternative to the AK-47. The rifle's ammunition is less powerful, but more accurate. This allows a greater chance of striking the ever-important head-shot. However, while the 5.45 round gained a reputation as a "Poison Bullet" from in Afghanistan, tests indicate that a 5.45mm Full Metal Jacket round will not fragment in flesh and organs. Thus, it does not have the fragmentation capabilities of a .223/5.56 but will "tumble" reliable. Its fully automatic mode is a waste of ammunition against the horde. If you have to pick this over an AK-47, do not hesitate to grab the 74. However, if you have a .22 Rifle and considerable amounts of ammunition, take the .22. The rifle and ammunition are lighter and have the same if not better recoil. If you have to use it, keep in mind that it does not have the same stopping power as an AK-47, and thus may not damage the legs or other limbs of a zombie as well. However, its lesser recoil allows one to more accurately aim at the heads of the zombie horde. It is always better to permanently undo a zombie rather than slow it down.

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