Air support is the military concept that employs the use of aircrafts to eliminate targets, their soft targets (humans or zombies) or hard targets (vehicles or structures). Generally, air support is less effective against zombies than humans due to the zombies gelatinous composition and damaging the brain is the only way to eliminate them. Also, air support is very difficult for the average survivor to obtain.

Tactics Edit

Strafing Edit

Strafing is the act of firing bullets from the aircraft to the target. Normally, this is a rapid-fire slew of high-caliber rounds to compensate for the lack of accuracy the moving aircraft may suffer from. Strafing has been a common anti-personnel tactic since World War 1. Biplanes, helicopters, jet planes, and most other forms of aircraft are capable of strafing.

Bombing Edit

Bombing is the practice of dropping bombs on a target from an aircraft above. This could range from dropping molotov cocktails and grenades from a autogyro Mad Max style, or a plane dropping down napalm. It can be accomplished at different speeds and many kinds of bombs. Usually, the bombs are big enough to reduce the targets to pieces. Carpet bombing, or overloading an area with more bombs than needed to destroy all structures in range, meets with surprisingly mixed results against a zombie horde - oftentimes not neutralizing the area to be safe for forces to walk through without still having to eliminate the undead remnants at close range. If one wished to remove all zombies in the infested area, they would have to use a nuclear bomb. This has not yet been done due to the fact it would endanger survivors. If it were to be done, however, it would be delivered by nuclear missile, not an aircraft.

Trivia Edit

  • It is hard for the average survivor to perform air support due to the skill required to do so.

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