An airport.

Airports are large wide open locations where aircraft such as airplanes, helicopters, and blimps take off and land. They can be used as a base.

Airports as BasesEdit

Airports are usually not advised as a good base during a zombie apocalypse due to the large, open amount of space being difficult to secure, especially since there are many spaces where the undead could be lurking undetected. Also, most modern airports have large glass windows, which would only serve to display the tasty food trapped inside (being survivors) that ravenous hordes of zombies would find irresistible.

As for the assets of the airport, it is rare, but potentially beneficial, if a member of the group can secure an aircraft and at least one member knows how to prepare and fly it. Smaller and lesser known airports have the same ability and may have less zombie interference. Airports contain a massive supply of fuel, mainly K1 (distilled kerosene), diesel from the service vehicles, and the rental car areas. Should one needs a vehicle, most of the keys are in the vehicles. Spare parts, supplies and tools to repair vehicles are available in the auto rental turnaround shops and hangars. Food can be found in the commissary and food court in the concourse and waiting terminal, with much of these canned or powdered before preparation. The airport security offices may contain some weapons, notably dangerous items which were confiscated from carry-on luggages or during pre-loading. The janitorial contains huge amounts of toilet paper, paper towels, and toiletries. Other things of mention at airports would be clothes and whatever that can scavenge from luggage like laptops and food. While the airport itself may not be a good base, places in the vicinity would be more suitable like a plane interior or a hanger.

Airports as Hot ZonesEdit

In addition to this, airports are a bad choice due to the likelihood that it was one of the first hot zones of the outbreak, as the throng of people seeking safe refuge will naturally see the planes as a last resort to stay alive - even if it means they have to storm the runways and cling onto the landing gear of departing flights. Also, there is generally a high number of victims to have died at the airport, and could pose as a difficult place to recover (if a recovery is in the future; such problems have been depicted in 28 Days Later, where a single infected person in a large confined crowd was able to infect or kill dozens of people rapidly.) In all, airports are not a good place to go during a zombie apocalypse.

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