An airship is a huge, helium or hydrogen gas filled balloon with a passenger gondola attached underneath the balloon. The gondola has the control cabin, bathrooms and the bedrooms. In the zombie apocalypse they would be very useful. Here are the advantages and disadvantages.


  • The biggest advantage of having an airship in the apocalypse is the zombies can't get you as you'll be high in the sky.
  • Airships can stay afloat for weeks. This is another huge advantage because unlike planes or helicopters who have to land after a while, airships will remain afloat for a very long time.
  • You can easily kill zombies from the sky. From an airship you can easily snipe down the undead or drop bombs onto them.
  • Airships are very fuel efficient.


  • Airships are hard to find.
  • If they are filled with hydrogen, then they are flammable and can catch of fire easily.
  • They are fairly unstable and flimsy, so if there is a storm, they can crash easily.

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