An arcade, also known as an amusement arcade or video arcade, is a venue where people play arcade games.
In a zombie-infested world, an arcade may be a good place to hold, being a great place to boost morale.

Depending on the size of the arcade, it may hold small groups. The arcade machines can provide endless entertainment (so long as the power is running) and as long as zombies do not hear the noise from the games. The arcade may also contain some food.


  • Arcade machines may provide entertainment if the power is restored.
  • There may be some food in the arcade such as snacks and soft drinks.
  • There are not many entrances into the arcade, allowing the arcade to be easily secured.
  • Bandits will probably overlook the arcade, as on the surface, an arcade does not appear to be a place that contains supplies.
  • Machines can be used as barricades.
  • Most prizes are flammable, and can be lit on fire for a source of heat.


  • If surrounded by zombies it will be very difficult to escape.
  • Arcades don't have comfortable beds and only have chairs.
  • Arcades tend to become pretty hot without power due to lack of circulation.
  • They tend to be found in urban areas, which increases the danger of staying there.
  • Food will be scarce, since arcades are meant to stock food for about a month and has limited to no gardening space.

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