Auto Shop
An auto shop is a decent place to hold up. They are built for repairing automobiles, while some also provide car recoloring services.


  • If one needs a car, then auto shops are a good place to look.
  • They contain tools and spare parts for repairing automobiles and as improvised weapons.
  • Some auto shops have paint, which can be used to make signs.
  • An auto shop may contain food for it's visitors to eat while they wait.


  • Auto shops tend to be located in heavily populated areas, making them harder to reach than more secluded areas.
  • Auto shops obviously contain many useful things, so if one uses an auto shop as a base, one faces a rather high risk of being picked on by other survivors.
  • Some have large windows, making them difficult to barricade.
  • The garage like doors that lift up will be a big opening for zombies, as given enough time they can be smashed down.

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