Baiting is the tactic of drawing zombies into a particular area to either kill the zombies, lure them away from someone/something, or to clear a path to a desired location.

Description Edit

Common reasons for attempting to bait zombies are to eliminate all zombies in a given area, making that area safe, or clear a route for escape. For example, in The Walking Dead, Shane Walsh and Otis attempted to bait zombies with flares so they could get to a medical storage unit. This method is effective as it's silent, alluring to the kind of zombies they're facing, and it doesn't take any of their own ammo.

Baiting Strategies Edit

Sound Edit

A person throwing an item that will make a lot of noise to where they want the zombie to go may trick the zombie into thinking that there is a victim in that area. This is only effective if that certain type of zombie has the ability to hear.


Using any type of food,preferably meat,zombies might be attracted to the food.However,you might need to waste a bit of your food supplies while doing this.

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