A bakery, otherwise known as a baker's shop, is a food establishment that primarily makes flour-based products like cakes, pastries, bread, and pies to be sold to customers. These are generally undesirable as a base, because they do not offer much benefit to the common survivor who happens to stumble across one.


A fairly large bakery


  • A bakery contains various foods that can be looted during the beginning of the apocalypse
  • Booths used to display the food can be used as a defense measure, such as barricading doors and windows
  • These booths can also be used as storage of small items


  • Supplies, other than silverware and the perishables found inside a bakery, will be difficult to find unless one chooses to scavenge from buildings nearby
  • Bakeries usually have large windows, allowing even a single zombie to smash through and enjoy a tasty treat
  • Bakeries don't offer much room for farming and living space
  • Unless they are eaten during the first few days of the apocalypse, are canned, or are somehow otherwise preserved prior to discovery, the foods found inside a bakery are sure to spoil quickly

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