Safe bank vault

A  bank vault is a secure space where money, valuables, records, and documents can be stored. It is intended to protect their contents from theft, unauthorized use, fire, natural disasters, and other threats, just like a safe. In a apocalypse a vault would be a safe place to hide and lock yourself in to protect yourself from zombies. But living there would be uncomfortable and impracticale.


  • They are very secure places. Safe from fires, breach and natural disasters. These are not easily penetrable by even zombies.
  • Banks themselves are big and vaults can be used as saferooms.
  • They are usually spacious, so you can store lots of supplies and people.
  • It will be overlooked by bandits for not having many supplies.


  • Extremely difficult to escape from if locked inside.
  • It is not designed to open easily, so opening it may be a challenge.
  • It doesn't have many supplies.
  • The vault doesn't have any furniture to live in.
  • Usually doesn't have an air vent so suffocation would be an issue.
  • If the bank itself is breached by the undead, the vault will become your tomb.
  • Looters may wish to rob the vault.
  • Basically a prison- no options for escape. It has only one entrance.

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