Barbara is a character from George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead and its 1990 remake.

Biography Edit



While visiting her mother's grave with her brother, Barbara is suddenly attacked by an unknown man (known as the graveyard zombie). Johnny, her brother, fights the attacker, but is killed when his head is knocked against a grave. Barbara runs off to hide in a nearby farmhouse, and discovers a dead corpse upstairs. There, she meets Ben, a man who is fighting off the zombies and takes refuge in the house. He locks all the doors and boards them up. Ben then tries to snap Barbara out of shock so she can survive the night with him. She remains in a semi-catatonic state for most of the movie. She refuses to accept the death of her brother, and is ultimately attacked and dragged out of the farmhouse by his reanimated corpse. In the 1990 remake, Barbara is much tougher and is smarter than Ben and the other survivors in the farmhouse. She points out that the zombies are slow and that they could outrun them to safety. In the end, she manages to be the only survivor of the group. In the film A Chemical Skyline, Barbara is shown driving with her brother in the car at the very end of the film. She is in the graveyard with Johnny prior to him being attacked. It is left open.

Trivia Edit

  • In the 1968 version, many feminists complain about Barbara being portrayed as powerless.
  • The most famous line in the movie is "They are coming to get you, Barbara", said by her brother.

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