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Inside of Barber Shop

A barber shop (also known as barber's) is an establishment that offer services; primarily in cutting, dressing, grooming, and styling people's hair. A barber shop can be a desirable base in a zombie apocalypse, mainly because few people would think of using the local barber shop as a place of refuge.


  • A barber shop will likely have solitude, as few people would think of looting a barber shop.
  • Barbers mainly cut hair, shave moustaches and beards, and may also do piercings. Hence, barber shops may contain a lot of sterilizers and other medical supplies.


  • A barber shop is unlikely to contain food, and if it does, the amount will likely be sparse.
  • Most barber shops don't offer much in living space.
  • A barber shop is usually not very well protected, therefor zombies can easily break in.

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