Barclona, Spain is a city in the country of Spain and is the location of the first two [REC] movies.

Events of [REC] and [REC] 2Edit

In this city an apartment building is quarantined due to an outbreak of a mysterious virus. By the middle of the first [REC] film the entire population of the apartment is infected. Then at the end of the movie it is revealed that the virus is supernatural and is demonic; in [REC] 2 a "doctor" is sent in with a GEO team to investigate the outbreak and it is revealed the "Doctor" is a priest from the Catholic Church to get a blood sample from a possessed person known as the "Medrios Girl" who is patient zero of the outbreak. In here they find the reporter from the first film Angela Vidal and then they find the possessed girl but it is killed by Angela who is revealed to be possessed who proceeds to kill the remaining GEO team and the Priest. She is let out after she digusies her voice as the priest's voice; then apparently in the upcoming film [REC] 4 she infects a ship taking her to a quarantine building of the coast of Spain.

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