Barrett M82A1
The Barrett M82 is an American developed anti-materiel rifle created in 1982. It is very popular internationally, as it is used in over 30 different countries by the military, and many rebels use them also.


Although it is effective in conventional battles, the zombie apocalypse is anything but. It is designed as anti-materiel rifle, firing the huge 12.7x99mm "50 cal" BMG round, and as such designed for use against military equipment and light armored vehicles, rather than against human targets. Although it can easily for this reason clean a zombie's head off, it has no advantage over smaller cartridge sniper and hunting rifle except on extreme range, and even then the lighter .338 Lapua Magnum performs better, without most of the problems accompanied with 12.7x99 mm rifles. Both weapon and ammunition is extremely heavy. Those factors deny much movement with the weapon. It is also extremely loud. With all these factors taken in, Barrett M82 should in most cases be ignored. Its only use would be stationary for protection of a base or for picking off looters and/or bandits from a distance, but like said before, it has few advantages over traditional rifles.


  • Accurate and powerful, so this thing's bullet could go through at least 5 or possibly 10 zombies should they be lined up in a row.


  • Big and heavy, so it will weigh somebody down significantly
  • Unless you're around military personnel, may not be as common, same goes for ammo


It is rare to find one for civilian use due to laws and price, but is not impossible. With a cleaning case, the average price is a little over $10000.


  • The Barrett was used in the film Robocop as the base gun for the Cobra Assault Cannon.

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