Beyond Exile

Cover of Beyond Exile: Day By Day Armageddon

The sequel to J.L. Bourne's Day By Day Armageddon released July 13, 2010 in the United States.


The story once again follows the protagonist from Day By Day Armageddon who is holding up in Hotel 23, a used nuclear missile silo, and must deal with the aftermath of a raider onslaught on his base and the further dangers of zombies throughout the Texas wasteland along with people wanting the safety of the missile silo.

The protagonist and his fellow survivors have survived a raider barrage in Hotel 23, after the protagonist used a grenade launcher to blow up the raiders fuel truck. This blast kills all of them and injures the protagonist. He wakes up in the medical room of Hotel 23 and slowly is recovering from his wounds.

In Beyond Exile, US Marine forces arrive at Hotel 23 and demand the facility. Eventually, the protagonist reveals his officer status and the civilians and Marines to occupy Hotel 23 together. An aircraft carrier supplies the silo with more men and equipment, including a helicopter that the protagonist uses to get himself stranded on a solo mission hundreds of miles away from the silo.

As the protagonist makes his way back, he is contacted by a militarized force calling themselves Remote Six who aid in his return with air drops and UAVs. The protagonist meets a sniper and together they eventually make it back where the protagonist realizes Remote Six is now jamming their silo and ordering them to launch against the carrier group. After a silent refusal, they are assaulted by Remote Six and their advanced technology.

It is revealed at the end that the disease's origin is an alien who crashed in China and was excavated.

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