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This tactic is used in the fictional series The Walking Dead. Against other Types of Zombies, the tactic does not work, and will lead to certain and immediate death.

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Rick Grimes covering his "scent" with Walker pieces

If you are trapped near a crowd of zombies, get to shelter. Find a slow zombie or "ghoul" and kill it (again). Hack the zombie with a cutting weapon. It is very important to make sure that you wear protective gear. Goggles and a long rain coat are a must, also remember rubber gloves. With the hacked body of a zombie take the blood and spread it all over your body and tie limbs and intesines to yourself for added measure. Remember, zombies can smell the living and the dead. If you smell like a zombie you can blend in like a zombie. Stagger and act stupid! Zombies do it, so should you! If you've been observing dormant zombies, you should do what they do. Don't make any sudden movements, don't amke any loud noises, and STAY CALM THE WHOLE TIME THROUGH, this is essential to your success. Keep as many firearms under your jacket as are practical. Be ready to run at any time your cover could be blown. Make sure all your gear is tied strong because running could loosen things attached to you. If you're blending in with another survivor, and their cover is blown, don't help them if you're completely surrounded; sadly it's already too late for them and there's nothing you can do but get the both of you killed.

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