• Master Plaga


    May 24, 2013 by Master Plaga

    Maybe we should make it where you must be a member of the wiki to edit

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  • Master Plaga

    Book Content

    May 16, 2013 by Master Plaga

    I am adding character pages for characters in the books The Rising and City of the Dead; if you see pages that are odd. It is just content from those books.

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  • Master Plaga

    New Content

    May 3, 2013 by Master Plaga

    I am adding some new pages involving recent zombie novels. So if anyone else has read the books I mentioned (Zombie Apocalypse, The Rising and City of the Dead) please help out.

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  • Philodox

    In my humble opinion, this isn't a smoking gun. It's not concrete. It's not all settled. Like Yoga Berra says "It isn't over till it's over". But these are more bad signs. Damon Lindelof, the screenwriter, sounds like he is already apologizing and making excuses for the film. Anyway, Let's hope this is a case smoke, with no fire.

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  • Harkat

    armoured train

    April 4, 2013 by Harkat

    name a train its method of locomotion eg diesel how many cars it will have and what weapons will be on or in it (note if it had mounted guns they will stay the same so choose wisely)

    i would have a modified hurban armoured train it has:

    11 ZB-53 machine guns chambered in 7.92 mauser

    4 37mm guns in tank turret cars

    and an 8cm vz17 field gun in a cannon car

    i would also have hospital carts 

    the portable equipment of the machine gunners would be 

    a pps-43 very fast flying round and has very good penetration 

    a tokarev tt-33 for compatibility of amunition 

    and a crovel in combat its a axe spear hamer and a pick

    the equipment of the standard guards would be

    a g43 with a 4x mag scope good accuracy rof and range

    a OTS-14 groza 1 chabered in 7.62x39 

    a tokarev…

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  • Sabre Bob

    Unarmed Close-Quarter-Combat (CQC): Against Breathers ONLY

    Disclaimer: The following material is strictly for entertainment and educational purposes. Readers should be knowledgeable and compliant with all laws and regulations in their jurisdictions regarding the use of deadly force and weapons, yada, yada, yada. The author and any publisher of this material are not responsible for any misuse, harm, or damage resulting from the following material—in other words; it’s your own damn responsibility.

    Part 1

    I.                    "Dracula" Guard & Cover

    II.                  ' Forward Drive

    III.                ' Edge of Hand (EOH)

    IV.                'Tiger Claw & Palm Smash

    V.                  'Chin Strike

    VI.                '"Flick" Kick

    I.             "Dracula"…

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  • Sabre Bob

    Murphy’s Laws of Zombie Combat Operations

    1.      Murphy’s Law: “If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong at the worst possible time in the worst possible way”

    2.      Murphy was an optimist.

    3.      Keep it simple, stupid (but not as stupid as a zombie).

    4.      If it’s simple, and it works, it’s not stupid.

    5.      In Anti-Zombie combat, all the important things are very simple and all the simple things are very difficult.

    6.      Against zombies, automatic fire is suicidal, suppressive fire an idiocy, but friendly fire is eternally never friendly

    7.      It doesn’t matter how many seconds your grenade fuses are, grenades just create messy zombies.

    8.      Your weapon was made by the lowest bidder.

    9.      You can never have too much ammo

    10.  When in dou…

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  • Philodox

    The World War Z film will have a commercial spot during today's Super Bowl. You can see it eary on IMDb.

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  • Harkat

    Even older guns

    February 2, 2013 by Harkat

    rules are it has to have been made in or before the 19th century

    1.a mauser c96 with the detachable wooden stock its extremely reliable

    2.a mauser 98 with a bayonet 

    3.a Chassepot rifle its a breech loading black powder bolt action and it dosnt have the problem of gas leakage like the dreyse because it has a rubber ring and its more reliable because the fireing pin isnt as long

    4.a pair of mk4 webley revolvers in 455. webley a powerful cartridge comparable to 45.acp but a tad more powerful ammo is rare so i shall have to reload it and find a 455. bullet mold but hornady make 455. brass

    5. a winchester model 1890 pump action 22. LR rifle for vermin control and the occasional zombie if i feel like it and its extremely quiet

    6.a Krag-Jørgensen in 3…

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  • Armyandrew

    Well the place i would go in a zombie apocolypse is numerous places first of all a gun store and try get some guns. but one problem is the survivors there migth not want me to have guns so then i would have to befriend them but secondly i would find a truck with the ability to store stuff in and i would head to the good old whatever you call it shop to get wood nails and all that. then once ive got supplies i would head to a small place like a gas station which has food and water and build a barricade around it going to a big super market maybe to get more food and water but not to stay because it would be too hard to build the baricade around that you would need a lot of supplies and also i would have a machtee for any close encounters or…

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  • Harkat

    Old guns

    December 31, 2012 by Harkat

    it can be as long as you want it just has to be made brfore 1955

    1.a blued walther p38 

    2. a blued walther ppk

    3.a mp40

    4.a m3A1 grease gun in 45.acp

    5.a mk5 sten because its got a foregrip and bayonet lugg and its not as cheaply made

    6. a mosin nagant 1891/30 PU Sniper  Vasily Zaytsev used one nuff-said

    7. a SMLE No.1 Mk3* (HT) great snipers weapon might not be as accurate as others but its got a rate of fire like no other

    8. a Kar98k with a ZF42, Zeiss Zielsechs 6x scope damn good rifle

    9. a 1952 model ak47 

    10.a makarov pm

    11.a tokarev tt-33

    12.a 1895 nagant with silencer

    13.a 1886 winchester 

    14.a sharps rifle in 45-70

    15.a martini enfield basically a martini henry that fires smokeless powder 303.

    16.a martini henry if it'll knock down a Zulu it'll kn…

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  • Sabre Bob


    Disclaimer: The following material is strictly for entertainment and educational purposes. Readers should be knowledgeable and compliant with all laws and regulations in their jurisdictions regarding the use of deadly force and weapons, yada, yada, yada. The author and any publisher of this material are not responsible for any misuse, harm, or damage resulting from the following material—in other words; it’s your own damn responsibility.

       Physical Conditioning

    A. Strength

                    1. REJECT prolonged (1-2+ hours) bodybuilding "gym rat" routines, with their “warm-up sets”, “cool down sets”, “supersets”, “split routines”, etc…, and doubly so if they involve specialized (and expensive) equipment (e.g. "cable cross-overs", "pec -decks", e…

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  • Skycepter

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  • Bountyhunter7714

    Hello fellow Zombiepedia,

    To whom it may concern, my name is Bountyhunter7714. A friend and I just made a new wiki. It is almost like yours, but it is called All About Zombies. This is actually the first time I've seen this wiki. But, again to whom it may concern, we are trying to expand, so if anyone wants to come and look around, contribute or just talk, please visit me at I am the founder and admin. We could use any contributions about zombies. From books to shows, to movies and to games.


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  • Philodox

    Just Got Power Back

    November 9, 2012 by Philodox

    Hey all. Went over a week without power due to Hurricane Sandy. I see there are quite a few things that need to be reverted or outright deleted. Will probably get to it sometime this weekend.

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  • Harkat

    tell me everything you would want for the zompoc armour weapons medecine base etc

    i would want

    a sten gun not because it works well infact its a piece of shite but you can repair it with any old springs that are the right size thats the beauty of the sten its simplicity

    a makarov pmm 12 rounds in a EFA-2K holster aka the spetsnaz holster you can either pull the gun out normally or push it straight through the bottom the holster disengages the safety and loads a round into the chamber guaranteed to suprise your enimes

    a MP-443 Grach pistol 17 rounds magazine designed to fire +P ammo and its russian so.......

    a S&W 500 handcannon loaded with winchester 350 grain JHP reduced recoil ammo so i dont blow my hand off and what the hell ill have a red d…

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  • Sabre Bob

    Zombies vs. Sabers;

    Part II: Choosing & Using Sabers


    “Sabre (Saber) Bob”

    Disclaimer: The following material is strictly for entertainment and educational purposes. Readers should be knowledgeable and compliant with all laws and regulations in their jurisdictions regarding the possession and use of deadly weapons, yada, yada, yada. The author and any publisher of this material are not responsible for any misuse, harm, or damage resulting from the following material—in other words; it’s your own damn responsibility.


    The first step is to define what is a “Saber” (“Sabre”, British spelling). A saber is a one handed sword, originally designed to be used on horseback, but quite capable of being used dismounted. A true saber is either modera…

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  • Sabre Bob

    Zombies VS. Sabers;

    Part I: Historical Background


    “Sabre (Saber) Bob”

    Disclaimer: The following material is strictly for entertainment and educational purposes. Readers should be knowledgeable and compliant with all laws and regulations in their jurisdictions regarding the possession and use of deadly weapons, yada, yada, yada. The author and any publisher of this material are not responsible for any misuse, harm, or damage resulting from the following material—in other words; it’s your own damn responsibility.

    When approaching the “lost legacy” of Western Martial Arts (WMA) the serious researcher has to be aware of several popular misconceptions. The most egregious myth being Western Civilization had no “true” martial arts of melee combat. …

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  • MassiveRoar


    Allow me to justify that by saying this site is not only poorly maintained but weak in it's premise. As far as I can tell it's a site maintained by no one and it's main contributor is younger than my shoes, has no actual understanding of modern day weapons or tactics and is devoid of any humility. I have tried to make reasonable contributions to this site. I've even posted on the main forum but I've yet to get an answer. From what I understand this site is about the pre-exsisting zombie genres, to wit I have fairly good knowledge but obviously no one is watching or even making the point that it's all hypothetical. As far as I can tell I'm the only person who thinks Max Brooks isn't Nostradamus. I love discussing the zo…

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  • Rac Ward

    Vermont is a tiny state in the northeast part of the United States. The state has a population of roughly 600,000 and most of it is completely rural and forested. There are few urban centers with a large population with the exception of the city of Burlington and the towns around it which has most of the states populous living in the city or nearby. Many Vermonters live and own farms and are highly self-sufficent. Because of the states low population density and rural settings, you would wonder why hollywood zombie movies with the exception of I Am Legend haven't taken notice of this tiny state as a perfect place to hide during a zombie epidemic.

    The abundance of food that would be found on the farms would make living there an easy task and…

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  • Harkat

    Handouts from the millitary

    October 14, 2012 by Harkat

    well what would you have if you countries millitary was handing out surplus weapons?

    i would have 2 webley revolvers

    a SMLE mk3 with a bayonet and a scope the early model because it had a magazine cut-off

    and the bayonet on the lee doubles as a large knife

    a browning high power its reliable

    a sten gun it works well

    a Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife elegant and deadly

    a martini-enfield think of it as a martini-henry that fires smokeless powder 303.

    a bren gun very accurate for a machine gun

    EDIT: a 1928 tommy the brits used them before adopting the sten (thanks kabal i only remembered because of your post

    thats all but remember that your only allowed ex-service weapons from your countries millitary dosnt matter if it was in small numbers im from the u…

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  • MassiveRoar

    This is not an objective blog, it is not a counter or a definition. It is simply an opinion. That being said here we go.

    First and foremost the idea that we know what form the Undead will come in is nonsensical. To assume you know the future is nothing short arrogance and conjecture. Firstly there are no actual zombies, I can prove this by the fact that if there were I would not be here writing this, I would be on my way to my safe location. Now regardless of your idea of the Undead, Solanum, as it is described on this website is very nearly impossible. The main reason being that the body, the human body, needs two things in order to survive: Blood flow and oxygen.

    Putting aside food and water, the aforementioned needs are not nonsense or sp…

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  • America789

    Realistic Zombies

    September 30, 2012 by America789

    If a "zombie" attack were to occur in real life, what type of zombie would it be? Most things here focus on Solanum zombies, but that seems very farfetched in the real world. My guess would be an outbreak of something similar to the rage virus, causing infected attackers, or something like the trixie virus, but not actual undead. Thoughts?

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  • Harkat

    Barebones kit

    September 22, 2012 by Harkat

    the point of this is to have a minimalistic kit 1 rifle 1 pistol 1 general melle and 1 knife

    i would have

    1.a integrally supressed ruger 10-22 with a synthetic stock medium-long lenght barrel with 10 round mags a blued barrel and a scope and some plain copper plated rounds and some hollow point high velocity copper plated rounds

    2.a blued integrally supressed ruger standard pistol with 10 round magazines

    3.a crovel its a axe a machete a shovel a bottle opener a hammer a crowbar and a spear all in one handy compact package

    4.a kukri intimidating and i can chop wood with it if my crovel breaks

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  • MassiveRoar

    As someone who has serious issues with some of the garbage in Zombie books, novels, and graphic novels, I have conniptions when I hear someone say "it's not right" in reference to killing someone who's been bitten before they die. They always argue over it and say things like "we don't shoot the living." They discuss it in groups and threaten each other because they disagree on the correct course of action. They say it's a moral dilema, but that's not true is it? Nope, it's a survival dilema, a person who's been bitten is a danger to you and everyone around you. The only way to be sure you're safe will be to kill them. Some will say "Oh you can't do kill them, it's wrong." Well thats all good in theory but as we all know theory isn't the …

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  • MassiveRoar

    So being that I'm writing a book about Zombies (yuck hate that name) I like to get input whenever I can, I think about this kind of stuff all day long, every day. More to the point though I am curious to find out what other people think. Before I ask though I'd like to point out that I think of the Zombie Apoc. as the more traditional for example: they are dead not alive and infected, I don't care how strong a disease is you shoot someone in the heart they die, the body cannot survive without the heart. Also it's not Mira Grant style Apoc, so no sort of strnage unspoken truce between Zombie and mankind. It's a oh-dear-god-help-me, do-what-you-have-to Apoc. and it's already happened and only a small portion of society (10% or less) is left …

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  • Thespook2001


    September 3, 2012 by Thespook2001

    What book would you take in a zombie survival situation?I would take: Pendragon(D.J.Havis)

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  • Sabre Bob


    Katana Primer for the Zombie Apocalypse


    “Sabre (Saber) Bob”

    Disclaimer: The following material is strictly for entertainment and educational purposes. Readers should be knowledgeable and compliant with all laws and regulations in their jurisdictions regarding the possession and use of deadly weapons, yada, yada, yada. The author and any publisher of this material are not responsible for any misuse, harm, or damage resulting from the following material—in other words; it’s your own damn responsibility.

    I. Traditional Katanas

    1. Developed in Japan circa 1000 AD. In legend, attributed to a single legendary smith (Amakuni), however it is very likely metallurgy and design features were borrowed from China.

    2. The basic design of single-edge …

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  • Harkat


    August 16, 2012 by Harkat

    i have been wondering why nobody has mentioned the webley forseby or the 1895 nagant in the revolver articles because the webly forseby is the only semi auto revolver i know of and the 1895 nagant is the only revolver that can be silenced that i know of. so can somebody tell me why none has mentioned "the answer to to a question none asked" and the only silenceable revolver!

    and on another note why is there no mention of brass case blackpowder guns like the lee-metford the martini henry the snider-enfield and the springfiels model 1873 !

    and on a similar note which black powder single shot gun would you have in the zom-poc i would have the

    martini henry henry

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  • Rac Ward

    The video game series Dead Space by Visceral Games has broken the collective zombie mold. Even when other video game series such as Resident Evil or Left 4 Dead use more traditional zombies as the primary enemy. Traditional zombies are usually dimwitted cannon fodder that infect the living through bites or scratches who's only real advantage is sheer numbers. Necromorphs are unusual in the fact that they don't infect people by biting them and that they are incredibly intelligent recognizing when an individual has a weapon.

    From what has been established in the Dead Space canon, is that the necromorphs are spawned by infected corpses that are mutated and repurposed into various grotesque shapes that either resemble humans or don't resemble p…

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  • Alockwood1

    Given that actors tend to be people- though I personally wonder about those who think that they are above everything, including the law- they will be affected by the ZA. So, which ones do you think would survive?

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  • Harkat

    exactly what title says you can have normal vehicles that are armed up the whazoo

    i would personaly have a diesel battle train armour plated mesh over windows with holes to fire out of and some mg-42 machine guns n the carridges

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  • DeadRise17

    In all of human history, when do you think the zombies would have most likely won and devoured all life on Earth?

    I think at the end of the medieval age. Castles were disused. Muskets were the best handheld weapon and were inaccurate to the point of melee range to ensure a kill, let alone a headshot.

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  • Philodox

    Hey all. I've been a little busy, and I haven't been proofing the articles as much as I used to. If there is vandalism, sending me a message would be greatly appreciated.

    Getting to the subject in the title, I would really like someone to explain to me how people are confused by the category feature. Countless times, different people create a category (usually one that makes no sense), then write in that category page as though it is an article (that also usually makes no sense). It's not that I'm mad, I just can't imagine what the confusion is. There must be some systemic flaw that wikia has as far as making pages that some people find unintuitive, because it happens someone often.

    Today's example was that someone made a Fireworks article (…

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  • Colethewolfboy

    I would really like to know what the members of this wiki have done to prepare. Feel free to share your plans and discuss your ideas.

    I've created checklists for equipment and medical supplies, and I've begun passing them out to anyone who will accept them. I've been exercising and stretching every day, and I've signed up for P.E. every semester for that past 3 years. I've talked with my friends about the subject, and all of them have begun preparing. Two of my friend's families collect firearms; one friend is a skilled marksman and outdoorsman, and the other is a recreational shooter and martial artist. All three of us were Boy Scouts. We have all begun gathering non-perishable food, bottled water, medical supplies, and miscellaneous survi…

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  • Goku259

    how to get a group

    July 10, 2012 by Goku259

    ok I thought i'll make this because having a group is so important being alone having atleast 4 or 5 people can save your ass about a millon times so get ready to learn how to get a group

    ok first thing your need in getting a group is a little luck if you dont belive in lucky than well call it what you want you need to find survivors and need to stick together it's not like your just see just about few people running all around and asking can they join your group every group need to have something that holds them together and everything else about them doesn't matter now first and might be the best apporach to this is gathering up with your friends and thats the connection second apporach is family which is not reccomended I dont mean you c…

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  • Goku259

    zombie survival game

    July 9, 2012 by Goku259

    ok so I thought I would make this rp for a day by day survival blog game i tryed it out it was really fun for me and you can learn even more about surviving because let's face it most of the people on this wiki are some of the most prepared and likely survivors of a zombie attack it is extremely fun game ill explain all about it if people comment yes so what do ya say

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  • Captainross

    Courtesy of iSTZ

    So Z-Day happened and you managed to fight your way to safety. You survived the initial onslaught, congratulations are in order.

    Before you pop open the bubbly and pat yourself on the back, you might want to think about locking down your home/shelter/bunker, wherever the hell you wound up.

    There are several things you should consider:

    - Early warning devices

    - Perimeter defenses

    - Home fortifications

    - Escape routes

    Chances are you won’t have time to run to the nearest Home Depot to pick up tools, cinder blocks, fencing, sheet metal etc, once those ZEDs start eating the shit out of everyone. But, if you CAN get to one, you’ll be getting better deals than a Jew on Black F…

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  • Captainross

    Courtesy of iSTZ

    You love your spouse. That goes without question.

    The REAL question here is this:

    What is love really worth when your significant other is trying to eat your tasty ass?

    Take this scenario…

    You just took out a hoard of undead with your AR-15 who were trying to make a meal out of you and wifey. They were dispatched with extreme prejudice, all head shots naturally. The only issue now? Some stupid “walker” just nibbled on your main squeeze.

    Love is great, love is grand, but your instincts should immediately kick into survival mode in this kind of situation. And unfortunately, love MUST take a back seat.

    This scenario has been done over and over in cou…

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  • Captainross

    Courtesy of iSTZ

    They’re gross, slimy, and stink like a mix of hot garbage and burnt pubes. No, it’s not Kim Kardashian’s bleached butt-hole (close though), it’s decaying zombie flesh. It doesn’t take a brain doctor to realize that these bastards are going to stink worse than a Meagan Fox movie.

    The Dilemma:

    After a long night of playing your favorite zombie game, drinking beers and shooting zombies, you wake up to find your front lawn now littered with about 40 corpses. (Disclaimer, DO NOT drink and play with guns).

    The Solution:

    The Sioux Indians believed in utilizing all of the buffalo after a hunt and we feel you should follow Sioux here (lol). Just instead of delicious steaks an…

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  • Captainross

    Courtesy of:

    “What’s the point of surviving unless you have some hot babes with you?”

    Billy Walsh is a crack shot and I wouldn’t want anyone else next to me if I was in a fire fight. But IF it was just the two of us left on planet earth, and I had to hear Billy scream “In YO face!” after every headshot he racked up… I might just have to kill myself.

    The point is… Captain Ross needs his babes.

    Here at iSTZ we write about survival tactics, how-to’s, weapons reviews, etc. But in doing so we are really only covering one half of the survival equation.

    In order to survive any disaster you need two things:

    1. Skills

    2. A reason to live – AKA babes

    Lucky for you, Captain Ross and Billy Walsh posse…

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  • Lolzorman

    I will use a scythe-stick, a scythe blade jammed into a wooden handle, a wooden-plank (No offense for you guys but

    this is a good weapon) with a nail on it. And last one is a nail-bat.

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  • Kaffe4200

    Zombie Survival RP

    June 18, 2012 by Kaffe4200

    If anyone's interested in a zombie-survival we're around 15 people working on one here. We need members and really want you to join.

    You don't have to have RPed before. You don't have to have watched or read The Walking Dead. As long as you want to do it, we're glad ;)

    KJ's out, peace.

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  • Michael.barton

    What attachment would be useful in a zombie apocalypse ? There are many weapon attachments out there, but no one attachment is useful for every situation. Should I choose an ACOG Scope over a verticle forgrip ? Should I grab that Laser pointer ? Well, if you are to choose weapon attachment, you should choose some that can provide advantages to you and your group. Also, if you already have one or two people with a scoped weapon, you could go with,say, a red dot sight or the iron sights.

    Post your opinions below, i would love to hear your answers !

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  • Wikiman117

    New Bases

    June 13, 2012 by Wikiman117

    Hello everyone i am Zackerolowiki i have been looking at the bases article and i agree about most of them but i think i could think of more bases that could be added to the list and since i am still sad sad that my grandma died on the 6th of may also i will put up whatever i can about the radio stations but here is a small list of new places that can be used as a base.

    1. Bomb Shelters.

    2. Video Game Stores.

    3. Pharmacy.

    4. Laboratory.

    5. Pawn Shop.

    6. Factory.

    7. Tree House.

    8. Secret Rooms.

    9. Hidden Rooms.

    10. Amusement Park.

    11. Water Park.

    12. Movie Theater.

    13. Gas Station.

    14 Pizza Parlor.

    15 Arcade.

    That is all i will put up so if you think these should be added feel free to put these up on the list of bases i will be offline for the next few days…

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  • Keenumman

    so i was wondering, if you were having to fight 3oo roman soldiers. and you could have 2 items from the present what would you choose

    i have 2 ideas

    1. 2 walkie talkies and a flash light and hold i could convince them i was GOD
    2. or a korean war model flamethrower and a EOD suit. id roast them and i would be vertualy unstopable

    but my main idea is that id thye see like 20-30 of there men taken down in like 2 seconds there gonna turn tail and run.



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  • Harkat

    my zombie chatroom

    May 22, 2012 by Harkat

    attention i have my own chatroom you can talk out zombies and stuff its really awsome the web adress is

    im called zombieslaya on the chatroom see you guys there!

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  • DeadRise17

    We have info on bandits, raiders, loners etc. but what would you call a regular person.

    My person favourite: Loot.

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  • Filman121

    That is mah question ladies and gentlemen

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  • HughTamlin

    How do you? becuae i need to no.

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