"They dont bother us much, but they'll eat anything with a heartbeat" R describing the Boneys

Boneys are an advanced state of the zombie infection in the film Warm Bodies.


Boneys resemble blackned skinless bodies with visable bones. While they have no eyes they have developed an accute sense of hearing; hunting down prey by the sound of a heart beat.

Unlike zombies they are fast, able to chase down humans from a distance. Due to their lack of eyes they can be outmanouvered with sharp turns .Like regular zombies a headshot will kill them.

Zombies in the film transform into Boneys after a prelonged period of infection. The reson for the progression in unkown; though theoriesed to be the result of the virus attacking the host cells due to a lack of fresh food.


Boneys are feral and highly aggresive; a state made worse by the lack of food in the city durring the events of the film. Similar to zombies they will wait around for prey; ocassionaly attack a fellow zombie that wanders to close. Similar to wolves they will guard their kills.

In FilmEdit

In the film the Boneys are starving; unable to reach the humans in their protected city's and are forced to pick off any scavenging human they can find.

When they smell Julie in the airport they swarm the building searching for her to consume; killing many zombies for just being in the way. When Julie escapes with the help of the varient zombie R they hunt the pair through the city.

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