Booby Traps are any form of device designed to either kill or maim targets.


Booby traps usually vary in terms of mechanics, some of which utilize wires to set off traps and others utilize pressure plates or even as simple as falling in a hole. What every booby trap has in common though is that they are camouflaged, usually hidden from sight and as prowling Zombies or even Survivors like Bandits come about, they will trigger them. Upon the triggering of the device, they will go off and either catch, maim or kill them in the process.


As far as their usage goes, booby traps can be used for the outer perimeter of established bases. Booby traps are often used by hunters in order to maim their prey before killing them.


  • Very good for outer perimeter base defense and can kill in certain circumstances.
  • Takes out more than one in terms of zombies or bandits.

Pro & ConEdit

  • Triggers are mostly never seen and therefore can be both a pro in terms of others who come prowling will overlook the trigger and succumb to the trap. It is also a con as you may also succumb to the trap if you're not careful.


  • Often one shot deals, so mostly once they're triggered, no way of getting them back.
  • They may not kill everything, but at the very least slow them down long enough for you to escape


In a zombie apocalypse, booby traps can be used by anyone to kill or maim anything.


Mostly used for fortification purposes, militaries often use these for outer perimeter defenses on bases and outposts. They usually are of an explosive nature and will detonate if tripped, taking off body parts or shredding apart the unfortunate soul who triggers one.

Bandits & CannibalsEdit

In terms of hunting for food or capturing others, cannibals can and will utilize booby traps, mostly with non-explosive effects. These include bear traps or snares. Also never eliminate the possibilities of ambushes because traps can be set off by others ranges relatively close.

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