Disclaimer: This project involves cutting edges and fire. There is a potential for personal and properety damage. Zombiepedia, Wikia, and any authors/editors claim no responsiblility for damages incured while completing the below steps or anything involved, inspired by or taken from this page or any other page.

A bourgeoisie stove is easily made from a soda or beer can with only a knife and can opener.

To begin, obtain a soda or beer can. Then, then remove the top with the can opener.

IMG 5509

cut around the inside of the lip to give it strength

Next, ventilation slots are cut around the base. Four or five are enough, evenly spaced around the circumference. The vents should be inverted V's, like A's without the crosspiece about an inch tall. Use the knife to fold the point in, until it is parellel to the base of the can.

IMG 5516

looking down into the stove

The fins provide a space for ashes to fall into, effectively reducing the amount of work required to operate the stove.

The stove is deceptively simple. It looks like a tetanus hazard, but despite the simplicity and uglyness, it is actually pretty advanced. The shape of the stove creates a draft to draw in air from the base, and keep the heat coming out the top. This air movement helps to keep the fragile aluminum from melting and fans the flames. the fins also conduct heat down to the base, which is essential for burning liquid fuels.

This stove allows a great deal of versatility in fuels. This stove will burn liquid fuels, such as alcohol and gas (though this is very dangerous. Any user experimentation is undertaken at own risk) as well as any solid fuels that will fit in, such as a charcoal briquets, small sticks, twisted paper, leaves, or other refuse.

IMG 5513

burning leaves.

To light solid fuels, put fuel in and pour a liquid propelant (like alchohol or hand sanitizer) in through a vent onto the fuel. Lighting that is easier and should start the fuel. NEVER PUT LIQUID FUEL ONTO A FIRE. LIQUID FUEL IS FLAMMABLE AND CAN CAUSE INJURY. DO NOT BE IGNORANT OR INCOMPETENT.

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