Bow and arrow by juciely-d7a67vu

The bow, also known as the longbow is a non-firearm projectile weapon. Bows use arrows as ammunition. Many people think that it is easy to use a bow and all it takes is to pull the string back and firing. On the contrary, it takes plenty of skill to master the bow. It could take years to master the bow, but only weeks to master a gun, but bows are better than guns in some ways.During a zombie apocalypse, bows will have some advantages and some disadvantages.


  • Silent weapon
  • Ammunition for bows (arrows) are easier to make than ammo for guns
  • Bows are easier to make during the apocalypse than a gun.
  • Takes less strength to pull back the bow string than a crossbow string.
  • Some of the arrows fired can be retrieved and reused.


  • Less accurate than guns for crossbows
  • May not penetrate a zombie's skull
  • Takes a long time to master

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