Bowling alley

A bowling alley is a building with many long, narrow tracks that are used in bowling games. Bowling alleys are more or less undesirable as a base, because they offer little more than a place to bowl a game or two with a couple of buddies or some scraps in the snack bar.


  • Bowling alleys usually have no windows, making them easier to secure.
  • Bowling balls and pins can be used as makeshift weapons if nothing else is available.
Bowling pins

You can use a Bowling ball and the pins as a makeshift weapon but the bowling ball is heavy.

  • A little bit of food in the snack bar may still be salvageable.
  • Not many people will think to raid a bowling alley because they don't have many resources or equipment that can be used
  • Arcade machines that are found in some bowling alleys could be used as barricades.
  • Bowling shoes of every size will be in abundance.


  • The lanes may require power to remain functional.
  • A bowling alley in its normal use is pretty noisy.
  • Not many resources can be found in a bowling alley.
  • The food will probably be taken or spoiled by the time a group of survivors stumbles to it because it most likely isn't canned or otherwise preserved.
  • Any type of food that would be found in the snack bar is pretty unhealthy.

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