See also: Non-Firearm Projectiles

Bows and crossbows can be used as a stealthy way to kill zombies as they do not make much noise, they can be used to kill large zombie groups silently without attracting more zombies or bandits.

Modern Recurve Crossbow

Modern Recurve Crossbow

A crossbow is a lot more powerful than the average bow, but slower to reload. Normal arrows that are fired from a crossbow may break or otherwise become unusable because of the crossbow's powerful force. Specialized crossbow bolts are recommended.

A bow is easier to reload than crossbows, but requires more skill in archery to use than a crossbow, and it is much more difficult to hit a small object, such as a zombie's head, from a distance than it would be using a crossbow. Compound bows can be extremely accurate and are easy to draw back. But the problem with these is that they are complicated and need a bow press to fix if broken. Long bows and recurve bows are easier to maintain but are harder to use with accuracy.

The Great thing about arrows and bolts is that they are quiet and reusable. Be sure to sterilize them before using them to hunt game. Or even better, if one can obtain a lot of arrows or bolts, have one set dedicated to zombies, and one for game. Also, do not stop to collect ammunition until the threat is gone. Be sure to carry a backup weapon so that there is always something to protect the user. If no backup weapon is available, find something else quickly.

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