The Browning automatic Rifle Safari is a gas-operated, semi-automatic rifle used to hunt large game such as deer or bears. It can be very useful for its durability, reliability, and stopping power.

Use in the zombie worldEdit

The Browning automatic Rifle Safari is a solid choice for a firearm but only for the right situation, the most common caliber is the 30-06 which is great as the ammo can be found relatively easy. It has good range and stopping power. It holds a box magazine connected to a hinged floor plate which is bad for two reasons one the box magazine holds at most four cartridges, making capacity a problem. An inexperienced user will have a problem loading the magazine because it has to loaded onto the floor plate first before going into the receiver. It would best be used for watch duty, guarding important cargo and personnel, and patrols. If possible, a telescopic scope should be added for much better accuracy.

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