Bub is the protagonist in the movie Day of the Dead, the 3rd movie in the series by George A. Romero. In the movie, he is used as a subject for zombie domestication by Dr. "Frankenstein" Logan, proving to be incredibly smart for a zombie. The doctor managed to teach him how to shoot, listen to music, and even shave. During a failed attempt to round up more zombies as specimens for experiments, Rhodes' soldiers Miller and Johnson are killed. Logan rips out fragments from the dead bodies of one of those two soldiers and fed them to Bub. Sarah and William are shocked to see this. Rhodes, outraged that Logan is actually training Bub not only to know how to shoot but also continue to indulge in eating human flesh, shoots him with his machine gun. Rhodes then blames Sarah and William for being involved in Logan's actions regarding Bub. This is where the climax between the human heroes and the human antagonists began.

After the zombies infiltrate the base after Miguel Salazar hijacked the elevator wanting to get revenge on Rhodes for his tyranny by unleashing the zombies upon him, Bub manages to unhook his chain and finds out that Dr. Logan has been killed by Captain Rhodes for feeding Bub the remains of Rhodes's soldiers. Enraged, Bub grabs Sarah's gun that was left in the lab. He then finds Rhodes trying to escape and shoots him in the back. Rhodes drops his ammo and tries to run down the hallway to a door but is shot in the leg. Rhodes is then at the end of the hall and opens the doors, revealing several zombies on the other side. Rhodes turns around to run but is shot in the chest by Bub, then is eaten by the horde of zombies. Bub salutes him as he dies and walks away. It appears he is forever to stay at the underground shelter with the other zombies.

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