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Harriet Phillips Bungalow

Bungalows are essentially small cabins made of wood or straw on/near the beach, circ/rectang-ular, single room or studio cabins about 15x15 feet with medium size windows evenly spaced around its form and hard wood flooring[See Dead Island 1]. While not particularly protective, they are:

  • Easy to modify, defend & are low maintenance
  • Easy to find food and water by hotels, resorts or depending on skill the outskirts of civilization (remote)
  • Boost spirits and morale considerably assuming they are luxury vacation/getaway locations and not 3rd world shacks near hoards of zombies that were easily turned

Assuming you're an expert engineer with designer flare, and have the appropriate tools & supplies laying around; some variant bungalows can easily be fitted with steel re-barred plates inside the walls, maintaining the same amount of defense as an armored truck while still looking pretty on the inside or outside. Windows can also be fitted over with titanium grates that must be formed fitted to re-enforced and be anchored in with electric windows, an accessory that allows windows to be opened at the touch of a button, allowing for a window to be opened, shot out of, and sealed right back up. "Straw" roofs, which will also need to be re-barred underneath the straw, which is easy due to the fact that in most cases, the straw is fake. On the inside, the islandy looking walls give off a whimsical tropics feel. Also, a wooden door can be fitted with titanium plates inside the paneling, giving it the appearance of a shanty door but having the strength of a bank vault, especially if there are triple hinges and additional locks are out on it. Bungalows actually make exceptional bases for WWZ due to the fact that they are remote, near food and water, and easy to modify and defend, and usually have a gorgeous location and boost morale, as well as being low maintenance.

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