Butcher shop

A fairly large butcher shop with furniture that could be used as barricades

A butcher shop is where meat such as beef, pork, poultry, and sometimes fish, are sold.

These are a medium-risk, medium-reward location.


Butcher shops commonly contain various items that could be useful, such as a vast assortment of knives and other things that could be used as weapons. Also, butcher shops usually have foods that do not spoil as fast as unpreserved meat, like canned goods and bottles of water and soft drinks. Not many people will think to hold up in a butcher shop or loot it, so these items have a good chance of still being salvageable. But you must be quick about looting if you choose to do that, because at least a couple of other people have the same idea as you do.

Disregard all meats during the beginning of the apocalypse, because these will surely go bad quickly without proper preservation. Throw out the meat as soon as possible so the stench will fade away eventually.

Another good idea is to use the meat as bait for infected or wild animals that could be used as food or something else.


Butcher shops are usually filled with meat, which will quickly deteriorate in a zombie apocalypse. The smell will be absolutely horrendous. Also, there may be a dense presence on infected dining on the rotting meat, and they may get a chance to feast on some fresh meat if you or your group aren't careful. Butcher shops may or may not have many windows and entrances, so be wary of what you're dealing with. It is best to know thoroughly what you are going to do before you do it.

The stench of meat may linger even weeks prior to removal of the source, so people holed up in a butcher shop must be willing to have to smell the unpleasant odor for a while.

Base Modifications NeededEdit

  • Remove all perishables from the immediate vicinity, but keep close by if desired
  • Barricade most windows and doors with metal bars, wooden planks, or heavy objects found in the shop
  • Consider leaving a couple of exits unbarricaded, but guarded incase a quick escape is needed
  • Set up outside defenses like barbed wire fences and sand bags

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