Couples cabin

Cabins are houses that are located in the wild. Most of them are located in forests. Cabins can be diffrent in size. Some are small and lonely like hunting cabins where you are only supposed to stay for a short while. Other are larger and/or luxrious where people can stay for very long like ranger stations. Cabins are normally to be used by hermits during the apocalypse. Hermits usually want to stay away from other survivors who would be a threat to them.

Advantages Edit

  • Usually found in isolated places. Lower risk for bandits and zombie hordes.
  • If the food supply runs out. you can go on hunting/fishing.
  • A fire place.
  • Easy to keep safe

Disadvantages Edit

  • Low on all kinds of supplies
  • Can get very cold
  • Are not so strongly built for storms.
  • Far away from cities - Harder to go on scavenging for supplies
  • Can be hard to find
  • Local wildlife may become a threat

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