Television SeriesEdit

Carl Grimes is the son of Rick Grimes, and Lori Grimes. Being told that his father was dead, he followed his

Carl Grimes (TV Series)


Carl Grimes (Comic Series)

mother and Shane to Atlanta for the safe-zone that was supposed to be there.



King County, GeorgiaEdit

Carl was a normal kid who lived with his parents in King County, Georgia where he went to school during the day, and was picked up by his mom, Lori after school and taken home. One morning, Carl witnesses his parents fighting and having an argument whether Rick cared about the family or not. Later that day after he finishes school, Lori comes to Carl and informs him that his father, Rick was shot and in hospital.

Comic SeriesEdit

Carl Grimes is the son of Rick and Lori and half-brother (or full brother) of Judith. He joined Shane, along with his mother, to travel to Atlanta, Georgia for the refugee camp.




His mother Lori, his father's partner, Shane, and Carl tried to make it to Atlanta after the Zombie outbreak, but could not make it into the city. They stayed at a camp on the outskirts where they were reunited with Carl's father, Rick. There at the camp, Carl was taught how to shoot despite being only seven. Later, he saved his mother from a zombie by killing it with his gun. He then saved his father's life by shooting Shane before he could murder his father. During this time he agrees to be Sophia Peletier's boyfriend. 

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