Types of ammunitionEdit

There are many types of ammunition for many types of guns.

22' rimfireEdit

Very small ammunition, used by certain types of pistols and rifles


Pistol cartridgesEdit

Small ammunition used by handguns, SMGs and pistol cartridge carbines.


Rifle cartridgesEdit

Ammunition used for rifles, machine guns, and most carbines.


Shotgun AmmunitionEdit

Ammunition for shotgun consists mostly of birdshots and buckshots, wich shoot a load of metal balls (the buckshot being bigger), flechette rounds, wich shoots load of small darts, and slugs wich is one solid slab of metal. The most common shotgun gauges are 10, 12, 16, 20, and 28. The smaller the number, the stronger the gauge.


  • Slugs
  • Buckshots
  • Birdshots
  • Flechette rounds


Incendiary ammunition either lights targets on fire, like dragon breath shotgun rounds, or causes high tempature burns often resulting in an explosion (thermobaric rounds).


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