Carpet Coats

Carpet coats are a type of upper body protection that is widely accepted as an effective armor type against zombie bites.

Made from torn up old carpet (yes, floor carpet), the Carpet Coat will be in plenty of supply, while some assembly is required. During the Zombie Apocalypse, looting old abandoned housing will be an easy method of aquiring the material, much easier than finding Chainmail, Scale, or Plate armor, lighter in weight, quieter, and easier to maneuver.

The Carpet Coat is best used for cooler climates, as the entire upper body being covered by carpet traps in a lot of excess heat. Relatively lightweight, and very quiet, the Carpet Coat is most effective against the "Shambler" zombies, aka, slow moving Undead, with no ability to use weaponry or real strength besides being overwhealming in numbers.

The Carpet Coat will not prevent injury or death from any type of weapon, be it firearm or a sturdy baseball bat. Even a zombie biting down full force can cause injury, although should not spread infection. A pressure wound caused by the sheer force a strong zombie bite can break the skin, even leaving what appears to be bite marks, but the thick weaved texture of the common carpet will most likely be enough to keep the real infection agents in the saliva out out the open bite wound.

While other methods of Zombie protection armor seem great in theory, in a realistic (not Video-Game or Movie style) Zombie Apocalypse setting, Carpet Coats are the one of the most reasonable, realistic mothods of armor available on a short notice during the chaos.

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