User Plans are plans, tactics, inventory lists, and other miscellaneous tips and suggestions that zombiepedia editors would like to share. While very little about Zombie Survival is held as pure fact, articles that are highly disputed, and subjective will likely be labeled user plans, even if the original editor does not agree.

One example that arises frequently would be an editor who labels his (or her) list of things one will need for a zombie apocalypse as the best list in their article. While some of his/her ideas may be very useful and valuable... (1) if there are other strongly disputed suggestions that do not get resolved, then it cannot be accepted as an article... and (2) subjectivity, preference, speculation and opinion can be difficult to completely eliminate from many articles on this wiki, but a reasonable effort needs to be made. An editor that builds his/her self up as a "Zombie Expert" at the expense of other contributors or valid ideas is discouraged at Zombiepedia**. This is another reason why many contraversial articles may be labeled user plans.

Nevertheless, if the community wishes strongly to share their personal plans and notions of zombie survivalism, and it can be separated from content that is less subjective and contraversial, then user plans might be a worthwhile section of Zombiepedia.

**(A notable exception is Best Handguns For Killing Zombies, however, the article was in high demand from its inception, and the disclaimer counters most of the concerns listed above)

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