If a zombie apocalypse ever occurs remember the following points:

Bring Plenty of WeaponsEdit

Without weapons , you are a just another meal unto a zombie. Bring plenty of them

Conserve Ammo by Aiming for the headEdit

Aiming for the legs may drop them, but it doesn't kill them. Aim for the head.

Find a highly defensible locationEdit

Make it as difficult as possible to for hoards of zombies to get to you with traps, barbed-wire fencing, and deadbolts.  Create distractions such as caged rodents and remote detonated charges to lure the zombies toward them and away from you.

Remember your supplies!Edit

If you don't have food, you might as well be a zombie. Don't forget batteries and gun cleaning supplies either.

Stay AliveEdit

Don't get bitten. If you do, then follow these steps:

1. Cut off circulation to the affected limb(s).

2. Sterilize affected area with alcocol. if proper medical supplies are not available, then improvise with whiskey or similar alcoholic beverage.

3. Bite down on something. This is going to hurt.

4. Amputate affected limb.

5. Cauterize the area with fire so that you do not bleed out.

6. Wrap the severed area with bandages or similar STERIL cloth.

You may still become a zombie if you dont do this very quickly.

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