Corpses are the name given to those infected with the zombie virus in the film Warm Bodies.


In order to be infected the brain must remain intact. If a person is bitten and the brain is damaged or destroyed the victim will not reanimate.

Corpses resemble recently deceased bodies but with electric blue eyes and black veins. The veins are thickest around the bite area of the victim. Corpses are slow moving and when not attacking humans will stand around until something of interest appears. Corpses have an enhanced sense of smell; allowing them to tell the difference between prey and fellow infected.

Corpses feed on brains of the living; the chemicals of the brain allowing them to "feel" alive for a time. After a prelonged period of infection a Corpse will become a Boney; a fast feral creature that is a threat to all. A sign of the nearing transformation is a thickening of the black veins across the body. The Corpse will then transform over a period of time; the skin peeling away until it becomes a Boney.

A rare set of Corpses still have a functional mental capacity though on a very basic level. Such corpses are able to think and reason on a basic level though do little else. With some effort they can speak basic words and some have been known to hoard and collect things from their human existance. Unlike their fellow corpses they try to kill their victim with head shots; R a zombie of this variety reasons that stopping others from being infected lessons the number of mouths to feed,

Powers And Abilities:

Super strength: Corpses are able to throw fully grown men across a great distance.

Enhanced senses: Corpses are able to smell humans from great distances and are able to see human brains in peoples heads to know whose alive and who isn’t.

Superhuman Speed: Corpes can run faster than normal humans and are able to catch their prey.

Immortality: Corpses are able to live longer than normal humans. Since they are already dead they can not be killed again by any means necessary.


Unlike many zombie pathogens the Corpse pathogen can be cured.