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Dawn of the Dead is a 2014 video game based on the George A Romero classic.

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A George A. Romero  Dawn of the Dead 1978 video game developed exclusively for the iPhone According to Know Your Mobile, developer Byte Mark (how appropriate), the game, which features a top-down approach not unlike the Jurassic Park game for the Super Nintendo (how's that for an obscure reference?) has recently been submitted to the Apple store. Other games similar in style to Dawn of the Dead include iDracula and Alive 4-Ever, two other popular iPhone shooter games. One would expect such a game to be bloody, and judging by the screen shot, it doesn't look like the developers skimped on the red stuff. Sadly, its dark red hue belies the humor found in the bright red blood of the film, but alas, this is something iPhone owners and Dawn of the Dead fans will just have to live with.  Most of the zombie killin' seems to be focused on brute force and melee weapons, giving a more up-and-close and personal approach and I think one more suited to such a platform. Interestingly enough it was noted that the characters and game play are more closely related to the Zack Snyder adaptation than Romero's, but does anyone really care? Mall, weapons, zombies. That's all that's needed.  Shock reports via All About the Games that the game should be available for purchase on January 19th 2014.

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