Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning is a heavily armored transport used by the scavengers in the film Land of the Dead. It was designed by Riley Denbo, but financed by Fiddler's Green tyrannical ruler Paul Kaufman.

Land of the Dead (2005)

Technical Readout

Dead Reckoning is heavily armored and armed with a variety of different weapons and equipment needed for scavenging missions.

  • Fireworks Launcher: To keep the zombies from attacking scavenging parties, Dead Reckoning is designed with a launcher specifically to shoot fireworks so the zombies can be easily distracted.
  • Missile Launchers: On the top of the truck, are 2 missile launchers, which fire 6 missiles each.
  • M60D Machine Guns: On the port and starboard sides of the truck, there are mounted M60D machine guns which are used to lay down suppressive fire whenever fireworks are not used.
  • Remote Controlled Miniguns: For entering zombie infested locations, the front of the truck is modified with very powerful remote controlled machine guns which are controlled inside.

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