Deadliest Warrior is a television series on SpikeTV that determines (through somewhat scientific experimentation, conjecture and extrapolation) which of two historical or fictional combatants would triumph in combat.

Vampires vs ZombiesEdit

The season 3 finale had modern Vampires (as depicted in the 30 Days of Night franchise) vs Brooks Zombies. This showed many attributes of the offensive powers of a zombie. Zombies lost the competition by an extremely narrow margin.


A zombie hand and bite were measured at 3 times the strength of a normal person's as zombies do not feel pain and so can use their muscles at full strength even at the risk of self damage. An intact zombie jaw can fracture the femur. A zombie grasp cannot crush the skull, but can rip into the abdomen and past the ribcage.


The vampires portrayed in 30 Days of Night are roughly some of the most physically powerful in vampire fiction, being over six times stronger and faster than a human. The vampires largest advantage seemed to be that they could fracture the skull with a simple clawing swipe. Most vampire fans don't consider vampires as burly as large bears or lions. Furthermore, the producers limited the amount of zombies to 200, based on the fact that their martial arts expert terminated 10 zombies before being overrun, and then they multiplied that by six. Such arbitrary factors put their simulation in dispute. Lastly, the ultimate factor in the battle would be time, as with each passing day, Zombies gain more reinforcements, and Vampires lose their food source - living blood.

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