Death is a saddening experience. It causes a person to lose all capabilities of living, and it causes them to be no more than rotting corpses



A Survivor may wreck after crashing into an inanimate object or another driving survivor.

Hit by a CarEdit

A survivor may also be hit by a car, causing the driver to wreck anyways.


A survivor may commit suicide after being bit by a zombie or going through depression over a loss. It may also happen by them losing hope or thinking the world would be better without them. Besides the straggling survivors, those who have been bitten and don't want to become zombies, most suicidal people are viewed as selfish or cowardly.

An Explosion in which two Survivors commited suicide

Murder (Bandits)Edit

Murder may happen by Bandits, or survivors who harrass other survivors. They will usually do it in case of a raid, trespassing, fear, just because they can.


Certain accidents may occur such as falling or debris hitting a survivor. Accidental murder may also be a cause of death. For example, a Survivor may accidentally shoot and kill another while cleaning his gun, or because that Survivor startled the other.


Zombies may kill in a way that does not infect, such as scratching. They may also infect survivors and cause them to die And turn into zombies, themselves.

Coping with lossEdit

For many it is hard to cope with a loss, given they may have grown close to a certain person that is newly deceased. It may have lasting effects, scarring them for life or causing suicide. It also may decrease their will to live on and cause them to give up.

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