• somewhat isolated
  • deer or other large game can be hunted
  • off the ground being only accessible by ladder or climbing a tree
  • you may find basic survival supplies that previous owners left like
 * a few rounds of ammunition 
 * bottled water 
 * matches
 * band aids or other basic medical supplies
 * hats or gloves
 * snack foods
 * puzzles or other quiet entertainment 

But to point out the obvious that is probably very rare and you would be extremely lucky.

  • since it's high up you could have 5 people in a larger one, 4 with high powered hunting or battle rifles that stand or sit by windows and a 5th who shoots zombies as the go up the ladder. He should be armed with a short range weapon like a shotgun,submachine gun, or pistol.
  • not a common top choice for the z day


  • small in space
  • few resources
  • you need corn/grain to attract deer
  • times when deer come out would be complicated because:
 * deer come out at dawn and dusk and can rarely be seen during the day
 * zombies travel at Those EXACTLY SAME TIMES
 * with that being said for zombies you will need to light to find zombies then which scares deer
 * if you shot a deer you have to go get it ASAP so zombies don't eat it 
 * well when you do go down you are very vulnerable 
  • deer stands are only normally held up by ropes and metal poles which could be taken out by a zombie or a zombie-turned deer could push it over getting you and every one in the group killed
  • and last they can't hold much more than a few hundred pounds which limits group size and gear capacity

In conclusion not the best place but for 1-9 days it could function as a base. But also you could have multiple deer stands arranged in a circle to kill more zombies and avoid being surrounded .

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