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Who knew that the world would end in this way, it was believed that only happened in the movies, but live it in reality, this newspaper tells me journey through a place full of dangers, where death has ended the population, and the few that were torn we are fallen into the hands of death, do not know very well how it all started, but never forget how it started my story one night as any I discovered as it was being afraid, people I met, who are still with me, those I lost, if you read this Daily I ask you to please if you find any of the people I mentioned in you give my greetings, at least those who are still alive.

Friday 12 October 2018

The longest night of my life

Today I raise it later, while watching television there were some reports disappearances, and even mangled animals found 2 people which were found as well, today only had classes at night, not I imagined it would be close to death several times, had a part- time in a restaurant, I felt curiously this concern for many days had disappeared and was replaced by an immense tranquility.

After work I went straight to college classes that were very boring day, ended late on Fridays, that day arrives late for class, so I had to stay in a seat in the last row, in the place clearly heard what was happening in the rest of the university, He sounded very faint shouts, people running and even heard a shot, but could not hear anything said the professor, just before time to leave I heard a scream from outside, but this time were strong, I think all heard it a few minutes after classes ended.

On leaving I started talking with my friend Tracy, we talked about studies and life in general, we reached the entrance to the first courtyard, half the way out of college, almost immediately saw a shadow coming to us, I realized that it was a woman my age or maybe a little older, it seemed strange to come over here because we had the last class of the day, gave no importance, we passed near the bathrooms, I bid farewell to Tracy and between, I admit that the place had a gloomy, at my watch I saw that marked 9:00 pm, opens been there about 5 minutes.

Upon leaving I saw a group of people piled up, I went to see what was the show, when what I saw was horrible, that girl he had seen before he was attacking Tracy, the worst is that nobody helped her, so I did I grip that hysterical and throw it aside, she looked like an animal wild, snarling, got up quickly, and came running to me, I became a one hand, and with another 2 master it, we did not know what to do with it, All that we thought was ll4evarla to the infirmary, to see if they could give some calming or something.

Tracy he was in shock, her best friend, Martha, offered to stay with her to calm down and then take it to your home, both lived in the same street, so it was the most viable option to stay with her, the others we left, the only ones left were Tracy, Martha and those 2 guys who took that crazy to the infirmary.

When I found out quickly I transport to get to my house, those Tracy images being attacked so wild that way were turning in my head over and over again, note that many people were glued to the window watching what was happening outside, we approached the general transport stop where people fell and others rose, honestly it was something ridiculous, because all got on and where they wanted, the place was as always packed vehicle after passing the place, someone said he was going down, honestly he never lacked the genius who stopped the vehicle a second later that moved, as was expected of a police officer approached me and began to reclaim the driver for causing a traffic jam, and worst of all is what always happened, we had all finished up, the vehicle was ready to go, and stop causing gridlock, but the police continued talking nonstop and even worse gridlock was caused.

This guy would not shut, still claiming, and was claiming, it seemed I was not going to ever end, meanwhile heard a man telling another as he was attacked by a stranger in the same way Tracy, when something horrible happened especially for that cop, an elderly woman approached running, and bit his neck, just he came a gush of blood splashing glass and heard her screams as the old woman bit him, the driver quickly he started his car and went as quickly as possible what place.

We were approaching a gas station, the driver stopped there and asked all alighting to refuel, around it was the University of accounting, there studying a friend from school, and like Fortunately we are at that moment, his name was Ephraim started talking, he noticed my desperation to leave that place so deserted, I I wonder what happened, told him the police, and Tracy, strangely he asked how it looked and was dressed like the girl who attacked Tracy.

No note well his appearance but he knew more or less how I was dressed, Ephraim put a horrified when I told her how she was dressed that girl, jogged toward my college, I could hardly catch him, and asked that happened, what the girl answered him that maybe it was his sister who had disappeared yesterday, remembered having heard something that morning, she did not know her sister was studying the same career I before realize the began to run again, I do not know why but before I I was running account after him, Ephraim had been one of my best school friends, so I felt compelled to help.

There were hardly any vehicles, so we went all the way on foot, I admit that arrives panting, I was not in good shape, we were facing the entrance, Ephraim looked more tired than me but apparently the possibility of find his sister kept very energetic, very enter I care as well ensure that Ephraim knew the way so wild which she attacked her sister Tracy.

Ephraim pulled a pair of surgical masks and told me to put one to ask because mee said his mother, who worked in a biochemical laboratory, you he had counted on an extreme outbreak of rabies, and had done very obviously the last days, which explained the amount of ambulances and patrols had seen yesterday.

He knew that rage was contagious for the exchange of fluid, so a chinstrap it would not be useful in this situation, we headed to the infirmary way before entering I saw a puddle of blood on the door, upon entering we saw a place I made a disaster, we saw the nurse lying on the floor, went to help her, but approach quickly jumped up and gave a loud howl, He then ran to us, we could avoid it, but not surrender, It looked like he wanted to bite, we went quickly closing the nursing door, strangely she tried not to turn the knob to open the door, just hit the glass again and again, to turn around saw Sister Ephraim along with one of the guys who had brought her here.

Both ran towards our direction, Ephraim tried to reason with her sister, but it was useless, while the other guy was trying to catch me, I hit him stronger than I could but it was useless, came towards me, grip and throw the ground, but I saw terrified as his back showed a lot of scratches, clothes He was made strips, and noticed a bite on the back of your head, before he was lifted grip and put it to the infirmary, I saw that Ephraim was trying to reason with her sister, she just grunted and tried catch him, take the opportunity to grab her and get her also to the nursing, Ephraim I try to open the door to talk to her but not him leave, was better than we fueros sooner there, saw that the door began to give way, I found it hard to convince Ephraim but I succeeded, we We headed for the exit, but before we left I heard a cry from more in.

We condescend to investigate what had been, while those three were banging on the door trying to get out, we got almost to the bottom of the place, when we find a group of beings trying to get into one of the baths university, not understanding that happening we get closer, we hid behind a wall, where we had a perfect view of what was going on, inside the bathroom was hidden one of the professors of the university, I seemed to recognize, was the most hated, even hated, and that almost do not hate anyone, I began to remember all the injustices that had us passed in their classes, as Ephraim did not know her, he wanted to help, but They were too many to do something, when you turned around and we He was issued a wrenching growl which left us trembling, he came to us, we were not able to move, it was like we were waiting our death, raced very unhappy, even if it were a old man.

He was about to reach us, our fear had dominated us when something I saved us, a dog pounced on that individual and began to attack him, not He understands why but apparently tried to protect this animal, by Unfortunately the poor animal could not do much, in seconds was She shattered by that unfortunate, but we had time to look for something to defend ourselves.

We found 2 glass bottles, started beating him repeatedly without success, until he took a blow to the head, was so strong that the bottle He shattered, and finally stayed perfectly still, fortunately others had not realized what had happened and were still trying He passed the gate that protected this teacher, we thought that if we could climb the balcony was above the bathrooms could lower a rope to save her, but had no idea how to get there was not much that I began to study here and still could not move easily through the infrastructure, but worth a try.

Apparently she would be safe as we reached there, the gate resisted quite well, we move away quietly from the place, Ephraim He began to insist that we left as soon as possible, or if not contagiaríamos us rage, it was obvious that this was not a simple rage, was sure after seeing how it was ripped apart this poor dog.

We were heading to the infirmary road, next door was a full tank of things, once there I felt a very big fear, the door of the infirmary It was open, and those 3 subjects who had disappeared locked, was They were likely anywhere, although Ephraim wanted to find her sister until he had understood it was not a good idea to approach it, the tank was almost always open because they also use it to collect the study material of different materials carried, usually a person is always in, but today the site I was locked up and no one seemed to be in or at least I think, luckily we found the key thrown away one meter of the door, not the We saw before because it was in the pool of blood that we saw a while.

We went in and took the longest rope had, got on the 2nd floor of building, both were moving cautiously we approached the office rector, when we saw someone out there, and Martha was one of 2 guys who took the sister of Ephraim to the infirmary, his name was Mauritius, Martha said we go to that office quickly note that only they were 2, so ask where it was Tracy.

Martha told us that when everyone had gone and left alone with Tracy, She showed him a bite on his right arm, Tracy said he did not want nobody knew anything because it would lead to the infirmary with that girl who had attacked shortly after he saw Mauricio come running, he continued with the story, when they took Grace's sister Ephraim, to the infirmary, she was very calm until she saw the nurse, began to squirm and screaming, it sounds weird they did not ask restrain her, released her and attacked nurse, both saw the show with terror, when Grace got up, with his mouth full of blood, it was more than sure that the nurse had died, Grace was preparing to attack them, but was dominated again, though I manage to bite one of them, before realizing the nurse got up and He bit one behind. Mauricio took a vaccine that was on the table and the You inject the nurse who fell to the ground, probably was some sedative or muscle relaxant, but there was another, having run out of options He jogged while Grace stayed with that poor boy although it was bleeding still alive.

When he met Martha and Tracy told them it was better to leave the place immediately, but they were met with a horde of them out, filled Tracy terror ran down the street, Martha wanted to go look, but Mauricio he dissuaded, he realized Tracy bite and knew what happened if one bites you.

Both hid in that office until we arrived, my clock showed almost 11:00 at night, seemed strange that my mother had I tried calling me asking where I was, so try to do it, but there was no sign, just as they gave me had worse problems than worry that a simple scolding from you.

Began to be heard growls from outside, but after a few minutes were replaced by human screams, it was horrible to hear so many people It screaming and suffering at the same time, there was no doubt that had more than a few creatures prowling the streets, I wondered how we got to this disaster, the day had been so quiet up to 2 hours, but there was time to start thinking about that, we needed to find some way out of here.

We review the principal's office completely but could not find anything that we prove useful, until we found a box with a lock below desk, whatever it was that had there should be very important, the box was made of metal, and had a super thick lock, the 4 expected what was there allowed us to escape.

As there was no time to open it carefully, we chose to destroy it, but more than we threw to the ground and golpeáramos not open, we try break the lock shock but no luck, so throw from the second floor to the ground with all the strength we had but nothing happened, there was no doubt that what was there would be extremely valuable, but we did not time to keep trying to open it.

As the tool magazine was down, we would take only what were in, we had lost all hope of trying to open that box, we needed to try to find a viable way to reach our respective homes alive, surely the main streets were It thronged with those things, because as each feeds on another and time between when you die and come back as one of them was minimal, each second they have more and more of them.

By taking the tools of the magazine found a map of the city, we draw a route approaching as possible to the homes of each one as it only meant death to go outside, we would go together all the time possible, unfortunately eventually come when the each should go it alone,

We took everything that we could, our inventory conformed tools, knives and sticks, was a bag full of weapons of combat, if Ephraim recall took an ax, a baseball bat Martha, Mauritius one giant hammer and a machete.

We had everything that could be considered useful, but before we left remembered that there was someone else who needed help, we headed to the bathroom to save that teacher who was trapped there, but when we arrived only we witnessed a horrible sight, we saw how it was being He shattered, as his intestines ended in the mouths of those things, but there was something strange, the gate was closed meeting, it did not seem to they had managed to break to go, they had apparently climbed it, that event changed everything, was no longer safe even stay behind doors and walls, because like the crossed.

It seemed they had not seen us alone so we left, we drove to the front door, going out there found that metal box, not the we had been able to break anything, but this time one of us brought a hammer huge, if not break with that, it will not break anything, Mauricio gave him a blow as hard as he could, and finally opened, and what was inside if we were surprised.

A revolver was inside that box along with 6 bullets apart from 6 was in the bedroom, as it was only one, Mauritius agreed that it stay as the would be first to break away and who should go longer Only through the streets.

He walked out the front door as quiet as possible, all the streets were deserted, we were completely terrified, continue for couple of blocks without any problem, we reached near the cinema Campos green, we saw a strange figure coming toward us, when was it close enough we realized that it was an officer police, when we approached told us that went no further that way, above there were several of those beings, suggested that it was a better idea hiding in the movies until dawn, but we did not seem to us so good idea, go to a dark place where no one knows you could find sounded like a totally stupid idea, we said no to that subject to the which he said, "whatever you want but do not come running here after" not We had given even 5 steps when we heard a scream from inside film, our suspicions were confirmed, something was waiting for us inside, but no matter had been decided by that subject in there.

The temperature dropped more every second, got closer to the street principal, there would be where Mauritius should continue on its own, is that It sounds very bad to say but was happy to leave, he did not give me good spine since he had met an hour ago, the clock showed almost half night, I saw my phone but still no sign, but not least it felt like if someone or something was following us, we reach the main road before we realize.

It was time to say goodbye to Mauritius, after saying goodbye to us we started again, we approached the mall galaxy, rare name for one so small, we stopped there for a moment, the place was it closed under seven keys so to speak, apparently no inside zombies but not worth trusted, we go forward, we find a passage full shops inside, go out there save us a long way, but the place was dark, I wondered if it was worth the risk, at the time Martha reached me a flashlight, with that pass out there would know if it was safe.

I made sure to turn on at low intensity, and what we saw was very horrible, bodies were mutilated by piles which were eaten more than those things, it was dozens of them, maybe there were 100 or perhaps more, probably a lot of people tried to take refuge in that place, did not have that would be cornered by both sides towards those things, We were receding slowly, without trying to get his attention, but the fate made a play against us, a police patrol passing by our back playing his siren blaring, obviously those beings They turned and saw us, they started running towards us great speed.

We try to escape as quickly as possible, back to the mall we spent a few minutes ago, our only out would go to avoid be eaten, there were some stones in the streets, trying to break the locks with that, it cost us work, but we did, unfortunately those things were already 10 meters from us, we tried to open the door but not worked, Ephraim launched 3 bottles of rum with burning rags on nozzle, a curtain of fire rose, some of those being tried pass but were burned instantly, that wall of fire protect us while we are trying to enter but was off and the door would not, We had barely managed to raise a few centimeters but something pulled her toward down, we realized that it was an electric door that was controlled from within, therefore never reach open, we were cornered by the creatures, the fire began to die down, I asked Ephraim where he learned to do something like that and he said he saw it on the movies.

We pray our prayers, but a few seconds before the fire turn off the door opened, we quickly began to close almost immediately, the moment it was closed we heard blows outside, these beings trying to enter but never would achieve, although we had a even greater problem, we were in complete darkness, and heard noises and grunts from inside, we only had Flashlight Martha and lighter than Efrain had used fire to turn those bottles, but we dared not light them to the attention of some unwanted company, we were caught between a rock and wall without apparent minguan out, we could not see anything.

The atmosphere was very creepy, surrounded by a tremendous darkness, Ephraim was apparently quiet, we rely on the wall, and began to move, we had not given even 10 steps when he began to hear steps from deeper, shortly after a shot was heard followed a plenty of grunts, we made every effort to not panic but It was useless, we were sure that this place was full of zombies.

Continue to move with the greatest caution possible, we knew we had zombies later, fortunately if we passed noiselessly not us would, as we were surrounded by total darkness, unfortunately that It meant we could also hit one of them, which would mean for those who happen to him if he is not for everyone.

Continue to move, we could not see each other, I expected follow him together, but there was no case to ask why we were not alone, we were so moving for several minutes, I heard a breath in my ear, I was about to betray me but I fear paralyzing term, and what has been it went.

Like a bomb all the lights came on at the same time, and our bad luck we found surrounded us by several of them, luckily we were next to a store with the door open, we quickly thereupon we closed bars, although there was a gap between the roof and grille, was too small for them, so we could not reach, or I thought so, from the crowd came a child, seemed to have like 4 or 5 years that image of his mouth spitting blood stayed in my mind, He began to climb the fence, passing through that little space, and jump from that height.

Though it were a child he moved like a wild beast, it was very fast and more we tried we could not hold him, shortly after the lights They extinguished, leaving again in complete darkness with a monster cannibal, a light entered through a small crack and I could see him take the darkness to get close and liquidate.

At the time when he fell down the lights returned, expected in that period of time or Martha or Ephraim have been bitten, but not me dared to ask, found a mirror in the store, pick him up and Ephraim door appeared, as there was no choice, we went out there, the door we led to a staircase leading to the top floor of that mall, Fortunately there was no mishap and reached up without any problem, but what we saw there was something we will never forget, since that Instead we saw Mauricio struggling with those things, it was amazing, liquid to Several himself, 3 cost us a lot of work away with one infant and he could with several of them, we saw him shoot that gun a few times, before we lost sight of what we heard something, "Hurry up," I do not know if we said to us or was with someone, she lost in between the streets, at that moment I knew that he had earned my respect.

We found a fire escape, seeing the street we realize that there was no threat, there is more house with lights, once all had down, we opted to ask to give us tonight acyl people of that neighborhood, but no matter who we asked all of us answered a resounding no, partly understood, almost no one would enter a stranger their house, but that surprised me even in this extreme situation could even give us a little help.

We continue our way through several streets he found everything quiet, We saw some dead in the area but were too busy eating the poor body of its victims, arrived with a late bar, had arrived time to say goodbye to another, Martha, we wish him well and continue on our way, now Ephraim and I were the only ones who continue walking together, while Martha was leaving I noticed that Ephraim was sad, maybe it was nothing or maybe it was another thing, though he could no longer be They not are carrying or 4 hours of being known.

Llagábamos very close to the gas station where I met that night Ephraim and knew that there would be where we ever leave, I was terrified that in a few minutes I should go my way on my own but seeing so many Mauricio fight zombies had inspired me, but not enough to erase the fear full, but for me the need to fight those things value, We were a block from the place looked like Ephraim was worse than I, his face showed great fear.

Once at the station, we find something horrible, the vehicle I was brought here a few hours ago was still standing in the same place, but there was no sign of passengers, seeing his fuel gauge note I had a full tank, a noise from the other side be heard vehicle, we come to see what it was, and what we found stumped, each and every one of the passengers who had come with me they were there, being devoured by 3 of those unfortunates, some of the poor victims were shot in the head, very well see one of those beings, I realized what had happened, I remembered that when I was in that Vehicle listen to a man talk about how he had been attacked in the same how Tracy was attacked, it was obvious that while the driver refueled fuel that subject had been transformed contagion to other 2 and between they ended up with everyone else.

Ephraim and I watched that show clearly, we came up with the idea taking the vehicle as it had a full tank, but the keys are not found in the cabin, at that moment I realized that the driver did not I was with the other victims, he would surely have escaped taking the keys, just move away as much as we could from that place, we were very near the University of accounting, Ephraim and I were separated, we We wish the best of luck to each other and each went his own way.

A few steps later was a bar, at that moment I remembered as Ephraim set fire to the ground using a bottle of whiskey, I did not seem bad idea take some bottles, I realized that I still had the flashlight Martha, I hoped not to need outside, turned on the light as dim possible, and I started looking for any sign of danger, finding nothing, take the rags with which the bartender clean the tables and the lace on the nozzle drinks with higher alcohol I could find. Check if the place could be something useful, but found nothing more than a lighter, I did not care, did what he wanted, 3 bottles and anything flammable to light them, I think they are called molotov bottles.

University accounting was just around the corner, in that time one step at full speed and turned in that direction vehicle, no I have no idea why but I stopped at this place, they began to be heard screams as if someone was calling someone else, I did not understand very well the name, but even I knew it was a complete nonsense to call a shouted person having living corpses out there.

I immediately checked the consequences of acting without thinking, a lot of that they left college and began circling the vehicle, seconds was completely covered by dozens of those beings, I saw everything attention, it seemed that the vehicle ran out of gas because he did not move, or maybe it was that so many zombies crowded around him had made it impossible it moved, the result of that event was evident.

I decided to turn around and go another way, there was nothing he could

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