Disorders could be both helpful and harmful in the case of a zombie infection, and some could be both.

List of DisordersEdit


ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) can cause you to be easily distracted, however it may help you notice sneaking zombies or bandits. It would be best if people with ADHD or ADD can be used as a lookout (since they can notice things more), but consider the possible risk of putting a job that lives depend on the close attention of an easily distracted individual.

Aspergers Syndrome (Higher Functioning Autism)

Aspergers Syndrome can be very handy when it comes to situations where the routine such as sentries, supplies and the ability to notice changes in things as they are much more intuned to any changes around them( however they have trouble adjustung when there routines are altered). However people with Aspergers often have trouble socializing so they may not work well in teams. They also have problems dealing with stress and anxiety. But however every case is different and Aspies can appear to be unloyal. This is not always a true statement (Everyone is different) and Aspies are generally quite loyal to the people they care for and will go to great lengths to help them. Sometimes if they are interested in a subject they are tempted to talk about it alot, sometimes they are very quiet. However aspies can learn and often can function in society. It should be noted not every person with aspergers is the same, it is a broad spectrum. Many people with Asperger's are already interested in the coming apocalypse, and will have a plan or a bug-out-bag ready.

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