Zombies retain no capacity for problem solving or deductive reason, thus they are extremely easy to fool and deceive. However, testing has shown that once honed in on a human target (be it a visual, aural, or olfactory sign), a zombie will hardly ever switch focus to a non-human target. Even the best diversions seem to meet with mixed results, as things that attract one zombie won't necessarily interest another (except for the pursuit of a human, of course).

One type of diversion is a ringing alarm duct taped to road flares. Another could be a stereo system stuck on auto play and constantly being powered by a solar panel. The use of meat or animals has been used with limited effectiveness. After this, use mines, traps, and even very deep ditches to stop zombies from making it out of there, and to stop from them damaging it. Car alarms, smoke alarms, school bells, and all sorts of loud tones can, but might not necessarily work. The same goes for fireworks, and other bright lights that can be seen from a distance. Once again, nothing has been proven 100% effective, so always have a backup plan or route

WARNING: Zombies probably won't be discouraged or distracted by any means when caught on fire. In most cases, catching a zombie on fire would be a death wish. Do not attempt to do this.

Also, when food is spotted, human or otherwise, it is very difficult to direct a zombie's attention to anything else. A zombie will not lose focus unless a successful kill is performed, the zombie is destroyed, or the food in question is out of their perceptible range.

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