Dogs in the Zombie WorldEdit

After months in the zombie world, many dogs will lose return to their savage nature. In their savage nature, they will no longer be friendly with humans, and will sometimes attack humans, mistaking them for zombies. Luckily, they can be reverted back to a domesticated pet because of their friendly nature.

However, keep in mind that dogs require food, water, and constant caring, so if you plan to keep one, make sure you have some extra rations of food and water to support it. The size of the dog will effect their usefulness, smaller dogs will be poor fighters but will consume less resources, while larger dogs will have more uses, but will need more resources.

Be careful which dogs you choose, decades of breeding have left many dogs with different health problems, e.g. Staffordshire bull terriers suffer from stomach problems.


In the zombie world, morale will be very low, and a dog will help deal with the morale problem. Dogs will restore the normality of the pre-apocalyptic world because of their companionship.


In combat, dogs are very useful because once they smell a zombie from behind, they will bark and make their presence known. Zombies are incredibly hard to detect when they come from behind, as they barely make any noise and humans have a 1m smell radius. On the other hand, dogs have a sense of smell dozens, or even hundreds of times stronger than humans. However, keep in mind that their barking will attract more zombies to your location.

Dogs will not fight zombies even if you've raised it from birth. A zombie will cause dogs to bolt and go berserk instead of fighting for you. The Solanum virus causes all living organisms except for humans to try to escape a zombie encounter. Getting a dog to directly fight a zombie is impossible unless it was tested with minute traces of Solanum at birth and growled at a zombie when at a young age. Dogs cannot really kill zombies as the skull is too hard for it to bite through.

Dogs In Zombie MediaEdit

  • Dawn of the Dead" - Chip
  • The Beyond - Dickie
  • I Am Legend - Samantha
  • "Day By Day Armageddon" - Annabelle
  • World War Z
  • "The Remaining" - Tango

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