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Engineered weapons are weapons that have been altered or improved to fit the job of zombie killing. These weapons range from something incredibly complicated to something that has been improved very little.

Dual-Blade ShovelEdit

A shovel that has been altered to have a second spade head on the other end. Very useful for both killing zombies and building barricades.

Type One Knife-GunEdit

A small handgun or revolver that has had a knife attached to the side. Good for close range defensive attacks, bad for offensive attacks.

Type Two Knife-Gun Edit

A medium to large gun with various spikes or long blades attached to the muzzle of the weapon. Useful when fending off attacking bandits or keeping zombies at bay.

Chain GunEdit

A chainsaw that has been modified to appear like a chainsaw with a gun handle. It would be good in many situations.

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