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In a zombie outbreak explosives can be very useful tools. However, their volatile nature makes explosives dangerous to the user as well as to their potential target. Generally explosives are also hard to come by, and it is very dangerous to try to manufacture explosives without the proper training and equipment. Therefore, explosives should generally not be handled unless one possesses adequate knowledge with respect to their usage. When used on an undead horde, explosive weapons are likely to result in a lot of disfigured and dismembered (but still active) zombies. It is therefore recommended that they be used on either closely-packed hordes, or if you want to slow down the zombies. Searching around on the Internet for recipes, if possible, can make improvised explosive endeavours a fair bit easier. Ragnar Benson has produced several of the best known works pertaining home made explosives, and his works in general are recommended reading in preparation of the arrival of the undead. Here is a brief list of some explosives and explosive devices.


Weapons-grade explosives used by both the military
Pineapple Grenade 1938

Hand Grenade - Just as effective as your arm can throw it

and special divisions of some police units. There is a wide variety of grenades, ranging from fragmentation grenades, to smoke grenades and flash grenades (flash-bangs). If local police and military forces have been overwhelmed grenades may be possible to attain. Grenades are increasingly effective when fired from some kind of launcher, as it keeps the grenade at a safe distance for detonation. As with all explosives, grenades should be handled with extreme care, used preferably by those with proper knowledge and experience (such as ex cops, veterans, or police/military personnel). Fragmentation grenades produce a wide spray of metal fragments-if detonated a short but appreciable distance away, these have a reasonable chance of covering the head area. Note that modern military grenades, such as the M67, also contain larger volumes of a more powerful explosive, and the blast's shockwave alone can kill or produce crippling injuries up to a larger radius. Youn can use a flashbang grenade to distract the zombies as a way to escape. Poison gas will have no effect at all, and incendiary grenades will only serve to turn the zombie into a shambling torch. Grenades do lend themselves better to improvisational use (such as IEDs and landmines) fairly well, but to be effective zombie killing weapons, their usage, positioning, and quantity would be much less practical than other weapons recommended elsewhere in this article. Use against human opponents, such as bandits is recommended over use against the undead.

Grenades are best used against entrenched zombies if charging toward their fortified positions would be suicide. They also work well against groups of zombies, damaging everything within the blast radius. They can be used to trigger other explosives, causing a chain reaction and inflicting massive damage on anything unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast.

A creative person can use grenades with a slingshot or bows to create a grenade launcher type weapon thus increasing it's range.



C4 Explosive

A very powerful type of plastic explosive containing RDX. C4 is relatively easy to store and handle, though it is both difficult and dangerous to arm a C4 bomb. The equipment needed to arm a C4 bomb is hard to come by, as is the C4 itself. Homemade C4 is very dangerous to create, but is also quite stable. Gunfire and fire will not detonate it. Although useful for setting traps, creating instant barricades, and scaring bandits, C4 should only be handled by experts (such as military personnel or ordnance disposal officials).

Pipe BombsEdit

A type of homemade bomb, consisting of explosives packed tightly into a pipe. These typically consist of metal or PVC pipe and are filled with low explosives like gunpowder, which is easy to make with common materials. Sometimes, they are filled with shrapnel like nails and glass to increase effectiveness. Unless the maker is experienced at making explosives, the pipe bomb will most likely be only a pipe and a simple fuse, instead of complicated wiring like in the picture below.

Pipe Bomb

Land MineEdit

Depending on the design, land mines are very useful for defending positions against conventional enemies. Mines are designed to wound, not kill, by blowing off a leg (or both legs). The most these hidden bombs are going to do is create a lot of crawling, dismembered zombies, which presents a hidden danger, especially in grassy fields where you are likely to step onto a zombie you wouldn't have seen otherwise. However if a crawling zombie hit another mine, it may kill the zombie yet, using two mines to kill one zombie is impractical. There is also the danger of unmarked minefields, which pose far more of a danger to the living than the living dead. If against all reason you do decide to use land mines, visually mark them so other people don't step on them, since zombies are going to wander onto an active minefield regardless of markings and warnings.

An Armed Landmine.

There is another type of land mine, however. The one described above is an AP (Anti-Personnel) mine. AT (Anti-Tank) mines are far more effective. They are designed to permanently disable heavy armored vehicles, in the manner that AP mines permanently disable enemy soldiers. An AT mine can easily and completely obliterate a truck-type troop transport,however AT mines require a heavier force to set them off (around 200 pounds(90.7kg)) so they wouldn't be detonated by personnel. If AT mines are acquired, they will have to be modified so that a lighter force could set them off. But make sure to keep them well away from your base, even if you do not have any vehicles in danger of being exploded accidentally–—if a ghoul treads on one of these, all that would remain is a rain of gore, pulverized organs and bones, and infected brain matter. Great against bandits and great against zombies, the AT mine is an ideal anti-zombie mine.


Claymore Landmine

A Claymore.

M18A1 claymore anti-personnel mines were originally created in response to the mass-wave attacks made by Chinese troops during the Korean War. Claymores are designed to explode and let out anywhere from 100 to 700 1/8 inch steel ball bearings (equivalent to #4 birdshot) metal projectiles at an enemy unfortunate enough to be in front of the 60° arc in front of the device and within 20-30 (kill zone) 50-100 (casualty/optimal infliction zone) yards radius of said zone. A claymore is useful in that unlike a land mine, the claymore is a directional mine that tells where you're pointing. Also, unlike C4 or a land mine, setting up is fairly easy as the explosive device is "pre-packaged" and ready for combat use meaning that (almost) any man or woman with experience handling explosives or any military personnel are likely to know how to set up a claymore. The 700 or so "projectiles" created by the weapon prove an increased hit probability. The mine itself also contains about 1.5 (0.68kg) pounds of C4, and is capable of doing extensive damage at close range if the shrapnel fails to do the job.  The problems with claymores are that they rely on the "projectiles" created by the explosion of the mine meaning that it won't dispatch many zombies and, further more, the "projectiles" created by the weapon are roughly 1/8 inch metal balls but due to the explosion the pellets become distorted similarly into .22 rimfire projectiles meaning that the most a claymore can probably do is leave multiple flesh wounds in the zombies. Detonation of a claymore also has a small chance of mild secondary missile/projectile hazard that can backfire (as in upon detonation those projectiles might come at you even if you're behind the weapon) at 18 meters. Further more, the claymores will not always trigger or create a "projectile" further outweighing its disadvantages. It is also worth noting that most of the world's inventories of claymores are configured to be used in remote detonation meaning that the operator needs a clear visual or needs some sort of signal to explode the claymores as it is illegal to use claymores in tripwire mode, although, it is very possible.

Optional use: Mount several on trees, telephone poles, second story of a building, angled downward about 15 degrees and use remote detonation for a series of attacks on the Z's heads. They should also be mounted at a height rather than on ground level, say 5 or 6 feet high, so the blast and projectiles have a better chance of being fired at the heads of zombies of various heights rather than being fired upward from the ground and most likely just tearing up the body.


Disarmed IED

A Disarmed IED.

A IED(Improvised Explosive Device) is simple, but not easy to construct. The basic outline is a cell-phone taped to a bomb, usually inside asmall container like a ice cream box or children's lunch box. It works by constructing the bomb and detonator. the detonator is close to the cell-phone. and the wire that makes a noise when you call the cell-phone gets attached to the detonator. Once then you leave it in a position and call the cell-phone attached to the IED with another phone. The bomb then goes off. However some difficulties arise, such as how to attract zombies to the bomb and what if the bomb doesn't detonate and when you send a man to inspect it, then it goes off. If telecommunications are lost, your bomb will have no use. The process of making an IED is hard and will require testing.

Grenade launcherEdit

A grenade launcher is a weapon that fires grenades with more range, accuracy, and velocity. They can come as a single weapon or an attachment on a rifle. These should only be used by millitary personel, unless your situation requires you to use it. The 40mm fragmentation round is used by most militaries. A grenade launcher can be found in overrun military bases. The main problem is, a lack of ammunition, so use any rounds wisely.

Images (39)

40mm grenades

A shoulder mounted grenade launcher is an individual weapon, a notable one being the M79 grenade launcher. But there are other grenade launchers with more fire power. Such as the pump action China Lake, and the semi-automatic MGL 140 (Other known as the six pack attack). They are very useful against the undead.

An attachment grenade launcher is mounted under a rifle, this makes it ready for use and it also has its own trigger. Notable ones are the American M203 grenade launcher and the Russian GP-25.

The automatic grenade launcher is essentially a machine gun that shoots grenades. These are rare and if found, should be used for large crowds of zombies. These are usually mounted on a tripod and look like a machine gun. One type is the Mark 19 automatic grenade launcher.
Images (40)

M79 grenade launcher, aka the Blooper


Industrialist, engineer, and inventor Alfred Nobel built bridges and buildings in Stockholm. His construction work inspired him to research new methods of blasting rock. Today dynamite is mainly used in the mining, quarrying, construction, and demolition industries. Dynamite is still the product of choice for trenching applications, and as a cost-effective alternative to cast boosters. Dynamite is occasionally used as an initiator or booster for AN and ANFO explosive charges.

Dynamite could be used for a rudimentary hand thrown grenade, though its fuse igniting system means using a lighter or match to light the fuse would be troublesome in windy or wet weather. It is also important to note that TNT and dynamite are very different explosives.

Obtaining dynamite seems difficult as the mining uses would place dynamite locations at a quarry or mining company, both of which are harder to find than your garden variety military base. In the case of complete government breakdown, it is suggested, with extreme caution, that any survivor in need of combat explosives search a military base for hand grenades and C4 rather than a quarry or mine for dynamite.

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