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A factory

A factory is a place where products are manufactured or where one product is processed into another. Depending on what kind of factory it is, factories may be huge enough for a large group of survivors.


  • Factories contain machinery and equipment that can be useful, especially a factory that produces ammunition, medicine, first aid supplies, solar panels, weapons or other things of that nature.
  • Factories contain many materials and equipment that allows the factory to be easily fortified.
  • Some factories are located on islands with the only access being a bridge.


  • Usage of firearms in a factory is not recommended, as the area may amplify the sound of a gunshot.
  • Factories are an obvious target to bandits and looters.
  • Factories do not provide much in terms of living space as they are not large open spaces like warehouses. Factories are designed to manufacture products and much of the place will be taken up by machinery meant to manufacture said products.

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