The exact day and month of the outbreak is unknown, but a power-hungry Mexican governer found a depsoit of Solarium buried deep beneath his palace. He though it was worth plenty of money, so he gathered all of it and left. His body was covered in Solarium radation, and as he watched an excecution of many rebels, the Solarium radiation fell off of his body and onto the dead bodies. Mass hysteria followed, and the providence was quickly over run. US Government thought that mass genocide was ocurring, and went into the country. When the soldiers first met the zombie horde, the entire army was routed, and the majority of soldiers where infected. They where brought back to the US and sent to a hospital ward. The infection spread even quicker in the US, but quickly slowed down. It continued until it reached the farmland further north. Now it was contained by natural borders. When it hit his isolated farm and infected his family, a cowboy-turned-farmer set out to find the cause. He slowly made his way down south, helping recapture many towns in the process. After gathering enough supplies, he helped in a last ditched offensive to move into Mexico to find out what was the cause of the plague. He was the only survivor. He helped recapture many major towns before finding the Solaruim in a box. He helped the Mexican army retake a port, and then watched as they sailed a ship out to see and sank it-with the Solaruim on board. While the region still had Zombies in it, by the late '50s, most of the zombies had dispersed, and life had renturned to normal. Minor Zombie outbreaks are common in the area, even to this day.

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