[The scene opens on a wooded area. In the background, quite far off, it seems as though there is a highway, and cars whistle by faintly. The relative silence and tranquility is pierced by a blinding flash of light. A second later, a glowing ball of the same sort of light materializes. An odd, roaring wind emanates from the floating orb, and the leaved rustle and turn away from the disturbance]

[Soon, a shape falls from out of the orb. It is a man, nude and seemingly unconscious. He is propelled out of the orb to crash down onto the woodland floor below. The orb disappears as suddenly as it appeared. The man remains, stirring upon the ground sluggishly. He is able to sit up after a while, though he seems exhausted from the experience. He is a long haired young man. His skin is somewhat dark, and his hair is black. He could pass for Native American, Hispanic, Arabic, or Mediterranean. He seems to be in extremely good shape, as he is slim, yet very well defined.]

[He stumbles to his feet, and looks around. He doesn’t seem too phased by his nudity, or his impromptu entrance. He looks around. The he stops, takes a kneeling position, and seems to concentrate. It takes a few seconds, but eventually, some sort of visual distortion surrounds him, envelops him, and he disappears.]


[The woods are suddenly off-color, and distorted. Everything seems to be steaming, or emitting some mysterious vapor. A steady wind whistles, and the foggy landscape parts with the re-emergence of the mysterious visitor]

[In this mirrored realm of the woods, the stranger’s eyes glow unnaturally as they peer across the horizon. He sees feint smoke stacks and the flickering lights of a nighttime city skyline in the distance, through the trees. This is unusual, being that it is quite bright out. The stranger walks towards the skyline in this remarkable realm.]

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