Fade from Black. A calm starry sky appears, and gradually becomes warped vertically, as is it were only stars on a curtain or canvas, and that curtain waves violently, as the wind blows. A rushing of wind begins to be hurt, growing louder and louder. A sense of falling begins to overtake the view, but there are no solid objects, just feint shades of black and grey, pinprick stars in the distance... and slowly, feint colors. Visions of unknown people, monsters, and dreams. They pass by too quickly to make out. Every now and then, something that looks remotely like the face of a corpse... then the gnarled muzzle of a beast-dog. The overhead of an epic battle is shown. War Drums sound. An oversized jaw severs an attackers arm from it's body. Gunfire reigns down. Swords clash. A green plasma-like fire shoots forth from a monster not entirely dissimilar to the Cloverfield monster.

Then suddenly, a Fade to White. A woman's eyes materialize. She is crying softly, but seems calm, and without distress. Perhaps she is mourning.

Fade to Black.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

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