This is chapter 2 of my series, "Plague of Undeath".


I woke up at around 10:30 AM, and Mike and Charles was still asleep. I took a look at our food supply, we were so tired we didn't even eat dinner yesterday. I fixed myself a can of tuna, but that wasn't enough. I couldn't help it, but I devoured 3 cans of tuna.

I knew that I had to get more food like it or not, so I decided to scavenge the nextdoor house. I saw a small group of 8 zed outside, but I think I can deal with them by myself.

I took the crowbar and sprinted to the zed, I smashed the first one fairly easily. Then, I made a 360 degree swing and knocked two more zed out. A fourth one was about to bite me when I quickly took my pistol out of the holster and shot it. I shot the other four with relative ease. I sprinted to the house, and it was mostly untouched.

There were many cans of tuna and spam, and there was chocolate and candy. I stuffed about a 4 day ration (for 3 people) in my bag, and there was still food left. I stuffed a 1-day ration of food in my pocket and ran home. I got enough food for now.

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